Zippo Hand Warmer Lighters

Zippo hand warmer lighters are the first products of their kind. Unlike other hand warmers, Zippo hand warmer lighters are not single-use disposable products. Zippo hand warmers work by igniting fuel, turning the lighter into a small hand warmer. The lighter needs oxygen to keep burning, so it will only work in a somewhat ventilated area, such as a jacket pocket. When in use, conceal it in its protective bag to prevent burns.


Zippo hand warmer lighters work in the same way that a jet lighter does. It burns fuel, or Zippo fluid, and uses oxygen intakes that make the flame both wind resistant and hot. It is a very efficient system that hides the heat source so that you can grip the lighter without burning the user. These lighters can burn for either six or twelve hours, depending on the model.

Limited Edition Models

The original Zippo hand warmer lighters came in black, silver, and Realtree camouflage. Other Zippo collectable lighters come in other colours and different patterns. They can even feature famous brands. For example, Harley Davidson has their logo on a collectable lighter, allowing enthusiasts to showcase them anytime they light up.

Do's and Don'ts

Users should not try to stop the hand warmer from working. The lighter will remain warm until the fuel burns out, and you should avoid attempts to remove fuel, especially when in use. Do not use the lighter without the accompanying bag, as it helps control how much oxygen the lighter gets and keeps users from burning themselves. The twelve-hour burning lighters offer the option to burn for six or twelve hours, depending on how much fuel is added. There are fill lines to assist the user in filling the lighter.


Zippo lighter fluid pipes are extremely helpful accessories for filling the lighter with Zippo fluid. Users can better control the amount of lighter fluid with this accessory, and they can personalise how long they want their Zippo hand warmer lighter to remain warm. Zippo hand warmer fuel is important to use because it is made specifically for these hand warmers, with features like less odour and cleaner burning. Burners eventually have to be replaced, and fortunately for you, Zippo sells replacement burners so that you can truly use hand warmers over and over again.