Japanese company Zojirushi specialises in manufacturing high-quality small kitchen appliances and food storage products. Zojirushi was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1918 as the Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company. After World War II, the company began to manufacture vacuum flasks, and these quickly became their main product. The name Zojirushi, which means “elephant mark”, was adopted in 1961. Vacuum-insulated bottles and jars remain a very important part of Zojirushi’s product line, but they also produce a range of other kitchen equipment including rice cookers, hot water dispensers and coffee makers.

Zojirushi Vacuum Storage

Historically, Zojirushi vacuum flasks have been the core of the business. Zojirushi produces a wide range of stainless steel vacuum flasks and mugs in different colours and sizes. Their flasks are designed for pouring, while the mugs are for drinking directly out of. They also make vacuum-insulated storage for food as well as drinks so you can keep your lunch warm and fresh. For catering, Zojirushi offer insulated carafes as well as their Air Pot dispensers, which feature a pumping system for serving hot drinks easily.

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

As well as their vacuum flasks, Zojirushi is also well-known for its range of rice cookers. Zojirushi rice cookers range from small, basic three cup models to ten cup cookers with a suite of advanced features. Zojirushi’s premium rice cookers use both heat and pressure to prepare perfect fluffy rice and apply artificial intelligence to refine cooking times and temperatures. As well as their consumer models, they also make larger commercial size rice cookers.

Other Zojirushi Kitchen Appliances

Zojirushi’s range of small kitchen appliances is quite extensive. As well as their rice cookers, they make several sizes of breadmakers and personal and office-sized coffee makers. Some Zojirushi coffee makers, like the 12 cup EC-YSC100, are designed to dispense coffee directly into a compatible vacuum-insulated carafe for longer-lasting heat and freshness. Zojirushi’s other kitchen products include electric grills and griddles and water boilers.