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Zoom Pro Audio Multi-Track Recorders

Zoom Pro Audio Multi-Track Recorders

Japanese-based company Zoom has made a name for being a leading manufacturer of multi-track recorders, as well as video recorders, audio converters, and multi-effects foot pedals. It also produces portable "handy" recorders, drum machines, and samplers, creating innovative, yet affordable, products for musicians and producers. Zoom is dedicated to creating equipment that allows artists freedom of expression, whether they are amateurs or professionals.


The majority of functions on Zoom battery-powered pro audio multi-track recorders are straightforward, ensuring users can easily recall them without having to constantly refer back to the manual. Menus are provided for the setup of EQ adjustment, rhythm-track programming, and effects settings, while altering levels and pan for each track is easy displayed on the screen.

Mic Options

In addition to recording electric guitars, Zoom pro audio multi-track recorders with built-in microphones allow you to record vocals as well. Recorded material can easily be looped or assigned to different pads for performance, then sequenced and played together with other recorded or imported parts.

Multi-Track Recorders for Your Musical Needs

Opt for the affordable R8 Zoom multi-track recorders that offer an eight-track playback and two-track simultaneous recording, or the R16 that doubles the playbacks and boosts the simultaneous recording up to eight tracks. Go one step further with Zoom’s latest addition, the R24, which offers a 24-track playback, together with rhythm creation and sampling abilities.

Handy Recorders

For something more compact, consider one of Zoom’s Handy Recorders that are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. These battery-powered devices come with stereo microphones to record audio, as well as a USB port that enables them to be connected to a computer. The latest model features a six-track recorder with a system of interchangeable microphone capsules that can easily be switched in and out.