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adidas Baby Shoes

adidas Baby Shoes

adidas is a world famous brand when it comes to sporting goods, especially sports shoes. It isnt just adults that the brand caters for; you can also purchase adidas shoes for babies of both genders under their baby shoe line.


Infant shoes from adidas come in many different designs, including ones with stick-on straps, shoelaces, as well as slip-ons. Many adidas baby shoes have a sporty design, though they mostly have soft soles for the babys comfort. Some shoes in the adidas baby shoe line, just as for adults, are for running and walking, while others are best for general playtime or swimming.

Gender-based adidas Baby Shoes

Shoes for baby boys in the adidas brand have sportier designs and often come in the colour blue, while shoes for baby girls often come with simple feminine designs, usually in shades of pink. While some models mention specifics in terms of gender, a majority of adidas baby shoes are unisex in nature.

Unisex adidas Baby Shoes

Many shoes in the adidas infant range are now unisex, and most have designs similar to the adult line. They are available in various different colours, and some are special editions with nods to popular entertainment franchises like Mickey Mouse or Star Wars. A popular range in the adidas baby line is the Superstar range, which has the iconic design popular among adults as well.

Buying Tips

The most important thing to be sure of when buying adidas baby shoes is the size of the shoes required. Be sure to measure the size of the infants or toddlers foot accurately before purchasing any shoes for them, and be sure that the size bought does not fit too snugly and allows room for movement of the toes. At the same time, the shoes should not be overly loose, or they would come off easily and possibly cause tripping, especially in the case of active toddlers.