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adidas Duramo Athletic Shoes for Men

Run The Extra Mile With Adidas Duramo

If you’re starting out in running and you want to try a great pair of shoes that won’t cost you a fortune, the Adidas Duramo is the ideal style. It’s a mid-grade shoe that is as comfortable when you hit the roads as it is when you hit the gym.

Why buy Duramo?

The Duramo shoe has been around for a few years now, and with a number of styles available, including the popular Duramo 8 and Duramo 9.

The Duramo offers ample cushioning from heel to toe, they’re lightweight, and offer flexibility and durability. The Duramo has "pillow-soft" cloudfoam cushioning that is both comfortable and sensitive to the constant impact produced while running. And if you’re a regular runner, the heel and mid-sole will bounce back in between running days to provide consistent cushioning.

Duramo running shoes have a sturdy two-layer mesh upper with a seamless print overlay for added protection and breathability. The shoe is easy to put on, and they look sleek and street ready. The upper provides a contoured fit, which has become better with each new model, and this shoe's unique design allows the wearer to run at any pace without feeling limited.

Buying online

If you’re a runner who needs shoes, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, these are a great option. They’re flexible to be worn for a range of tasks, from gym workouts to casual walks. You can shop by size or colour, with the most readily available options being black and white, or blue and white. You can also find these shoes in red and plain black; and there is both a women’s range and children’s range as well.

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