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adidas Men's T Shirts

When it comes to clothing you can trust to perform, adidas is one of the most reliable brands around. Known for its sportswear and performance clothing, adidas offers plenty of choice for everyday apparel too. So, if you're looking for an adidas men's t-shirt you can be sure to find the right t-shirt for your needs, on or off the sports field.

Sleeve type

adidas men's t-shirts are available in a choice of sleeve types to keep you warm or cool. The t-shirt you'll find most commonly available from adidas is a men's short sleeve t-shirt . Short sleeves allow you to move your arms freely and keep you cool.

adidas offer a range of short sleeve t-shirts for men that have numerous uses with football t-shirts being the most common type of sports tops available. Prefer something a little more casual? adidas short sleeve t-shirts are available in a jersey fabric with a relaxed fit, ideal for casual occasions or loungewear. Sizes range from extra small (XS) to extra, extra, extra large (3XL).

When playing sports outdoors in cold weather it can be tough to keep warm. You might like to consider an adidas men's long sleeve t-shirt in that case, to provide extra warmth for the arms. On the other hand, a t-shirt with no sleeves is ideal for keeping cool in very warm environments such as the gym or when playing a high tempo sport such as basketball indoors. This style of t-shirt gives a greater range of movement as both the elbows and the shoulders can move freely.

A choice of fabric

adidas make men's t-shirts in several different fabrics. Polyester is the best choice for activewear, as the material wicks sweat away from the body giving you a more comfortable experience.

For everyday wear a men's adidas cotton t-shirt is the perfect choice. Breathable and light, cotton is comfortable and a loose cut means that a t-shirt in this material won't be restrictive either.

Fashion and function

If you like a bold look, then an adidas graphic men's t-shirt gives you a fashionable appearance without compromising on quality. You can even find multipack t-shirts, perfect for if you can't decide between two styles or are looking for a gift for someone.

Or how about a vintage adidas football shirt in someone's favourite team for a unique gift idea? There are plenty of other vintage adidas men's t-shirts on offer too if you like the retro look but are not keen on football.