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adidas Women's Athletic Shoes

Womens adidas Athletic Shoes

Womens adidas athletic shoes are designed for wear during physical activity. These shoes vary in style, size, material, and colour, making it easy to find the right pair for your specific needs. As you shop, make sure to consider a variety of shoe features, as the right womens athletic shoes should provide adequate support to help protect you from injury, while also offering all-day comfort.

How Do I Determine the Right Shoe For My Foot?

When shopping for adidas womens shoes, it is imperative to ensure a proper fit. Doing so provides optimal comfort and support and helps you to determine the right shoe style for your gait and arch. If your shoes tend to wear out on the inner edge more quickly, this signifies that you are a pronator, meaning that the inward roll of your foot strikes the ground first. Because you have low arches (sometimes referred to as flat feet), you should opt for adidas trainers that offer high stability and extra support in the midsole and heel for increased motion control and equal distribution of impact. On the other hand, if you are a supinator, your shoes likely wear out of the outer edge more quickly. As such, look for adidas womens trainers that provide enhanced cushioning for shock absorption, that are lightweight, and that include boost technology. For those whose shoes tend to wear out in an s-shaped pattern from heel to big toe, you are neutral with an average arch and likely best benefit from neutral cushioned shoes, such as those with a responsive bounce midsole.

Do Womens adidas Athletic Shoes Run True to Size?

Womens adidas sneakers run true to size. When shopping, make use of the manufacturers size chart prior to purchase to ensure a good fit. You should also make certain to measure both your left and right foot, as foot size can vary between the two. If this is the case, always buy shoes to fit your larger foot. For those who may be between sizes, opt for a size up rather than down.

How Do I Care For My Shoes?

Proper shoe care is essential to maximising the lifespan of your sneakers. When caring for your adidas shoes, always make sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines. To remove excess dirt, use a soft brush with a soap and water mixture, being careful not to scuff the shoe material. Additionally, you should avoid washing your shoes in the washing machine since this can lead to discolouration or damage.