Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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It's important to keep on top of preventative health measures where the whole family is concerned – including the four-legged family members. Purchase an Advantix 6 pack and be set to protect your pup for months against ticks, fleas and other nasty critters such as sand flies and mosquitoes. Advantix for dogs is the only spot on tick treatment that will kill and repel ticks before they even have a chance to bite your dog and attach themselves by doing so. One application of Advantix for dogs will provide protection for four weeks, so by purchasing an Advantix 6 pack you'll be all set for months without leaving a window of opportunity for fleas or ticks to set in whilst you order more. Treatment against fleas and ticks is extremely important to ensure that your canine friend lives the healthiest and happiest life possible, as ticks in particular can have serious health consequences for dogs. You'll also save yourself the unpleasantness of fleabites by investing in Advantix for dogs – fleas won't stop at your dog and will move right on to bite you and your family if given the chance!

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When it comes to keeping your closest companion happy and healthy, it's worth being aware of all the different products available and their potential benefits for your pet. Browse the extended range of K9 Avantix dog flea and tick remedies and have a look at the dog flea and tick remedies provided by other brands so that you can make the most informed choice for your dog. Particularly if you are a new dog owner, it can be extremely useful to have a good look online at all the different beds, toys and other supplies you may need to purchase for the newest addition to your family. Start looking online with eBay today and make sure you can give your dog the best possible home!

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