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Protecting your Dog

Whether they're working dogs or simply part of the family, it's incredibly important to keep dogs protected from worms, fleas and ticks. There are various ways dog owners can keep worms, fleas and ticks at bay, it's simply a matter of working out what works best for each dog. When it comes to worming, some owners take their dog to the vet for regular injections. However, an easier option can come in the form of an at-home treatment.

At-home worming is done via dog tick and flea treatments , usually applied topically to the back of the neck or taken orally. Some tablets are designed to be tasty treats that the dog is more than happy to eat, while other tablets will need to be hidden in food if the dog is to swallow it. Whether it's a topical treatment or a tablet, these treatments need to be given to the dog at regular intervals - as specified by the packaging - to keep all nasty parasites at bay.

Choosing Flea, Tick and Worming Treatments

After deciding between the topical and tablet treatment, it's time to look at the packaging to find the right option for the dog being treated. Most treatments will have various options according to the weight of the dog, to ensure the dog receives the correct dosage for his weight. Puppies and pregnant dogs can also have treatment specific to their needs.

Different treatments treat different parasites, so some treat fleas only, while others treat fleas and ticks. Ensure the treatment (or a combination of treatments) offers all the protection needed, protecting the dog from fleas, ticks and all dangerous worms. Ready to buy? Dog tick and flea treatments from Virbac , Advocate dog merchandise and other key items from major brands are available online on eBay every day. Dogs need protecting - these treatments can do the job!

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