Shine some light on the subject with Broncolor

Broncolor has been on the scene since 1958. Since then, this brand has become a global success in professional lighting systems with its two product brands, Broncolor and Kobold. It's simple, they are passionate about light. They pursue technological innovation for their products, promise unbeatable quality, all alongside modern design. With this, they produce lighting products that are both reliable and of value.

Monolights & lamps

Monolights are great for achieving perfect lighting on photoshoots. The Siros range boasts a compact size, so photographers who need portable lighting can have it. Ambitious angles and locations are made easier with a Siros L, a battery powered device. Broncolor has always been a big name in photo studio lighting.

Broncolor offers a selection of basic lamps, small lamps and effect lamps. Try the basic MobiLED for plug-in flash, a quick release bracket, integrated umbrella holder and a built-in cooling fan. Try varying flash durations and flash power to perfect your lighting. If you need something smaller and more compact, go for the Picolite small lamp, offering similar features in a smaller design.

Larger lighting

Shop for your ideal Paras and light shapers with Broncolor too. The small Para 88 is smart and simple, and very popular amongst professional photographers. If you're after something bigger, the Para 330 FB offers a soft light that is both impressive and big. Specifically recommended for models and object photography, this para will offer everything you need.

Broncolor offers softboxes and diffusers in a range of shapes and sizes. The Beautybox 65 is round in shape, with other ranges giving a rectangular shape. Fitted with Striplite, these textile boxes are great for illuminating edges when photographing products, or to light up hair during fashion photography using a reflector method.


Shop for accessories too, from protective bulb glass to spare cables, bags to batteries. Hard cases, battery bags and backpacks hold perfect compartments, pouches and zipped areas for all of your lighting kit and camera. Also, explore lighting stands, replacement remote controls and even stand attachments.