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doTERRA Frankincense Aromatherapy Supplies

A term appearing first in 1937, aromatherapy has been an integral part of human health for hundreds of years. While our ancestors used aromatherapy oils and essential oils in medicine, rituals and embalming, the scientific benefits of practising aromatherapy are still under debate. Also popular as an incense, Frankincense has been a popular aroma in essential oils and aromatherapy for literal eons, with many believing that it promotes concentration and deeper spiritual connections. Including this and more, doTERRA essential oils and aromatherapy supplies are stand-out products in the field of aromatherapy. With a wide array of quality collections, doTERRA products are popular as therapeutic grade essential oils.

Holistic Health

doTERRA aromatherapy supplies use natural extracts, aromatic plant essences and essential oils to promote wellbeing and aim to treat certain physiological ailments. The central focus of doTERRA aromatherapy supplies is to promote holistic health, using essential oils to encourage the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Variety of Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils can come from almost any kind of plant that has beneficial healing properties and aromatic scents. doTERRA aromatherapy supplies offer an extensive range of scents to suit even the most specific health and healing needs. You can choose classic frankincense or dabble in other aromas, including doTERRA lavender scent aromatherapy supplies, fennel and clove, or go for more unusual types like tea tree, cinnamon and peppermint. doTERRA stocks vibrant, enticing and natural products for every occasion.

Natural Production

There are a number of different techniques that one can use to extract plant material for aromatherapy oils. doTERRA aromatherapy produces through distillation, a process that uses steam to trap the oil from the plant, allowing it to cool and split from the steam during the condensation process. To retain the benefits of natural essential oil extraction, doTERRA does not use solvent or other chemical-based production methods.

Diverse Benefits

Many use doTERRA aromatherapy supplies for spiritual or physical healing and wellbeing. Given the strong, medicinal properties of essential oils, you can use your doTERRA aromatherapy supplies to promote productivity in the office or soothe burns or wounds, and you can also diffuse rich natural essential oil scents throughout your home by using a specialized aromatherapy diffuser. Take advantage of doTERRA scents to lift your mood after work or help you get to sleep after a long day.

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