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eBook Readers

eBook readers make it easy to take your favourite books with you on the go. They also allow you to read other print media such as newspapers and magazines. Some eBook readers feature a variety of other functions, like highlighting passages in a book, and the devices allow users to run popular applications. With such a wide variety of eReaders to choose from, you can find one that suits your individual needs.

Amazon eBook Readers

There are many types of Amazon tablets and eBook readers available, including the series of classic Kindle eBook readers and series of Kindle Fire tablets. A Kindle of any kind allows you to download Kindle books and read them directly from the device. Amazon designed the screens for simple viewing and to be easy on the eyes. Kindle Fire tablets also work as eBook readers, and they can run a multiple other Android applications.

Apple eBook Readers

Apple eBook readers include the iPad and iPad mini tablets. These tablets feature iOS software, and they can run nearly any iOS application, including Apple’s iBooks eReader app. With this application, you can download a wide selection of print media directly to the tablet. These tablets also feature built-in cameras and microphones for video chatting.

Kobo eBook Readers

Kobo tablets and eBook readers have their own reader software, and it works with other digital book formats. The Kobo Aura series of eReaders are purely for reading, and they have specifically designed screens that make the text look similar to paper books. The Kobo Arc series of devices are tablets, and they run an assortment of other applications including email and game apps.

Samsung eBook Readers

Samsung eBook readers are all tablet-style devices. They feature much of the same technology as Samsung smartphones, but they have significantly bigger screens. These tablets are capable of running a wide variety of Android eReader applications, which means that you can download multiple eBook formats.

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