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Buy Eneloop batteries once, use forever

Eneloop rechargeable batteries were first developed by Sanyo, and more recently have become a Panasonic brand. They are a unique type of low-drain NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable battery that features a particularly low self-discharge rate and are most commonly sold as AA batteries and AAA batteries.

Typical Eneloop NiMH batteries retain as much as 85% of their charge even after sitting unused for a full year, whereas other NiMH batteries can lose as much as 4% of their charge every day. As a result, Eneloop type rechargeable batteries can be sold pre-charged, without concern of being ‘flat' when they are actually used.

Eneloop AA batteries are considered to be high-capacity and hold a substantial charge compared to ‘traditional' NiMH type rechargeable batteries. They suffer less from the ‘memory effect' that plagues many NiMH batteries, and can typically withstand many charge and recharge cycles. Popular Brands of Eneloop Batteries Include Panasonic and Sanyo Eneloop Tones.

Eneloop has seen many generations since they first emerged and they are now more reliable than ever. They can come in packs of 2, 4 or 8 so depending on how many you need, there's a pack for you. Some packs will come complete with the relevant charger, but you can buy the batteries on their own so you don't end up with dozens of chargers. Some Eneloop batteries have flashy colours, setting them aside from normal batteries. This is handy as you wouldn't want to throw out your rechargeables thinking they were regular batteries.

Recycling dead batteries is a lengthy process and many people are sending theirs straight to landfill, in these more environmentally aware times many people are turning to rechargeable products instead. Not only does it save money, but might help the planet out too.

Eneloop Battery chargers

There are several chargers on the market for Eneloop batteries. BC-700 and BC-900 type models are popular, as is the MH-C9000 combination charger-analyser. Chargers can typically recharge up to 4 batteries at once.