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You'll be chuffed with your Gorman women's quilted puffers coat, jacket or vest from eBay

Keeping warm when the temperature drop is key, but sometimes you don't always feel like you look your best when it comes to warm clothing. Bulky, chunky coats, jackets and vests aren't always the most flattering, but the tradeoff is shivering when the chill goes straight to your bones. Luckily for you, Gorman's line of women's quilted puffer coats, jackets and vests not only looks great but have the warming power to keep you comfy as the thermometer creeps toward 0. eBay is home to a huge selection of these jackets, giving you a great chance to add a fun, fresh piece of fashion to your cold-weather clothing collection.

Go behind the look with the history of Gorman

The signature look of Gorman is one of the most unique in Australian fashion. Lisa Gorman grew up outside of Melbourne enchanted by the world of fashion. After going to uni and starting her career as a nurse, Gorman decided to live her dreams by turning some of the pages in her design book into the first line of Gorman pieces in 1999. The range sold out quickly, and she never looked back. Now beloved by thousands of women around Australia and elsewhere around the globe. Gorman women's clothing is a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion.

Re-energise your look

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