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Gorman was started in 1999, the brainchild of budding fashion designer Lisa Gorman. She wanted to create bright, distinctive clothing that would nourish people's creative sides and encourage them to express their personalities through their clothes. And boy, did she succeed! The brand is well known and loved in Australia for its willingness to take risks, do something different, and make clothes that give people a reason to smile every single day. Lisa Gorman is still at the helm of Gorman, designing her extremely distinctive and recognisable clothing, and since 1999 she has opened over forty stores across Australia. Gorman also collaborates with other artists, designers and brands to create fusions of colour and design. Recent collaborations include those with Birkenstock, Katie Eraser, Caroline Collom and Archie Rose.

Gorman Dresses

Distinctly Aussie motifs are abound on Gorman dresses. While most of these dresses are casual in cut, their fine lines and quality fabrics make them more versatile than you might first expect. A lot of Gorman lovers wear their dresses to work, to social events, and also to relax in over the weekend. These dresses certainly make ideal daytime garments, as they're designed for comfort as well as great looks. You'll find a lot of shift dresses, fit and flare dresses, and t-shirt dresses amongst the Gorman offerings here, as well as a number of vintage options that are getting difficult to find these days.

Gorman Pants

Gorman makes a selection of plain and brightly printed pants that are perfect accompaniments for the brand's tops. Combine a print with a solid coloured garment in a contrasting or secondary colour, or for a bolder look, mix and match prints in a delightful clash of designs. There's a gorgeous selection of culottes, palazzo pants, shorts, leggings, slim leg pants, straight leg pants, and wide leg pants - something to suit any figure or taste. If you're trying to work out what style of pants will suit you best, a very general rule of thumb is: palazzo pants for apple shaped bodies; straight leg pants for pear shaped bodies; skinny leg or slim leg pants for rectangular bodies; and slim leg pants for hourglass shaped bodies. But these are only guidelines, and one of the beauties of bold prints like these is that they take attention away from the body and onto the personality being shown off.

Gorman Skirts

Whether you're looking for a mini, knee length, midi or maxi skirt, you're sure to find a Gorman skirt in the length that you need. We have a wonderful selection of straight, pencil, pleated, A-line, and full flowing skirts and skorts from the designer, in both new and vintage styles. They range from solid colours through to the classic bright prints that we know and love Gorman for. Team one with a Gorman top, or add a silk shell in a complementary colour to dress it up a bit. A brightly coloured necklace and solid coloured sandals complete a cheerful, fun look.

Gorman Swimwear

Every summer, Gorman releases swimsuits that bring joy and colour to our beaches and pool sides. These carefully designed and cheerful pieces are created to look fantastic on a range of body sizes and shapes. And because you can buy tops and bottoms separately, you can mix and match patterns or just select the styles and sizes that fit you best. Size ten up top and size fourteen below? Not a problem. You'll find a selection of Gorman one pieces and bikinis right here, from this year and years past. Also check out the brand's kimono robes. While Gorman only produces one or two each season, its gorgeous robes, short or long, make fantastic cover ups over a swimsuit.

Gorman Jeans

No wardrobe feels complete without a couple of pairs of jeans, but we'll admit that sometimes jeans can look awfully utilitarian. Enter Gorman, with a selection of jeans that absolutely pop with colour, quirky designs, or both of those things in the one pair. Skinny jeans, slim leg jeans, straight leg jeans, wide leg jeans… Gorman produces all of these. But it also produces colourful jeans in a bewildering array of colours and patterns, and blue denim jeans with appliques all over for an extra cheerful effect.

Gorman Tops for Women

Perfect for combining with Gorman jeans, pants, and skirts, Gorman tops have all the features that we've come to expect from this designer. Bright colours, careful attention to detail, quality fabrics, and great workmanship elevate these tops above the other options. Pop on a Gorman top when you want to add some cheer to your day (or someone else's). A lot of them pair well with a plain pair of slacks for wearing to work, or with Gorman trousers in matching or contrasting prints to add emphasis and zing. You'll find Gorman tops in a range of styles and fabrics. Gorman make button-down shirts, translucent blouses, and shift tops, just to name a few. Fabrics range from cotton and rayon to silk and linen.

Recycled PET range

If you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint and do something nice for Mother Earth, have a look at Gorman's range of swimwear, totes, raincoats, and skirts made from recycled plastics. Buying these gives you something bright and beautiful to own, and it keeps plastics out of landfill at the same time. Win win for both you and the planet!

Gorman Green

The Gorman Green collection is made from organic cotton, certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This standard requires certain levels of ecological care and labour conditions to be maintained at every step of the production process. Gorman currently commit to creating 25% of its offerings with organic cotton.

Dress your dog

Gorman have also created a range of gorgeous dog coats to keep your dog snug and warm on cold nights. Whether you want to go with matching outfits or you just want to kit your beloved puppy out in style, have a look at the selection of adorable Gorman dog coats available.

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