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iCandy Prams & Strollers

iCandy Prams and Strollers

Even babies deserve a little luxury, and iCandy prams and strollers certainly give it to them. Stylish prams and pushchairs look beautiful, but they are also durable and sturdy, making them a safe selection for travelling about town with your little one. An array of features makes the iCandy lines of prams just as exciting for parents, and with eye-catching colour schemes and streamlined designs, youll be looking for excuses to head out with your tot.

All-Terrain Types

Also called joggers, iCandy all-terrain strollers are the sports car of the pram world. Made for action, these strollers fold with just one hand, and with three wheels, you can roll over just about any terrain with ease. Eliminate bumps when youre cruising off-road with your child, and enjoy a steady ride no matter where your adventures take you. The carrycot lies flat for added versatility, and handle and leg rests adjust for you and your childs comfort.

Travel Systems

Dont leave your baby at home while you take on the world. Take your infant with you without hassle when you choose an iCandy travel system. The systems not only function as a single stroller, but you can convert them to a double option, eliminating the need to purchase a second pram when you decide to have another baby. Face your child inward for added bonding, and use the carrycot when your baby is small, then convert to a regular pram after six months of age. The wheels lock for safety, and the strollers suspension means a smooth ride. Three reclining positions keep your baby comfortable and a raincover means your infant wont get wet on blustrey days.

Pram Parts

Keep your iCandy stroller like new with iCandy pram and stroller parts. Replace worn out parts as necessary, such as bumper bars or seat hoods, and when your carrycot apron becomes worn or stained, replace it and freshen up your pram with a new one. Everything from harness pads to tyres and harnesses replaces easily to keep your stroller going for years. Always replace iCandy parts with genuine brand parts for the best results, and match your pram to its proper parts, such as the Peach or Apple.

Adding Accessories

iCandy pram and stroller accessories elevate your babys experience in the outside world even more, and make things easier for you when youre travelling with your little one. Add a cup holder to make coffee breaks easy and keep your hands free for your baby, or spring for a screen to keep baby protected from insects during warmer months. A travel bag keeps all your babys necessities within reach, and easily attaches to your pram for accessibility.