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Explore the Features of Apple's iPhone 4

Apple released its iPhone 4 model in 2010. If you are looking for a cheap iPhone 4 , eBay has what you need. Getting to know some of the main features of the Apple iPhone 4 and the kinds of options you have with this model will help you find the item that suits your needs.

Some features of the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 includes a range of features that can make it a very convenient device for you to use in everyday communications. Some of the main features you will find on this mobile phone are:

  • Memory - The standard model comes complete with 512 megabytes of DRAM. You can also get up to 32 gigabytes of flash memory storage. In some cases, increased capacities of 64 or 256 GB may be available.
  • Bumper - Many iterations of this iPhone come with bumpers. Bumpers are guards that are intended to protect the body of the mobile.
  • Cameras - The iPhone 4 has one camera in the front and another in the rear. The front camera is part of the VGA graphics standard, and the rear camera uses a megapixel lens and LED flash.
  • Microphone - This is the first version of an iPhone to use an additional microphone to cancel noise.
Connectivity options for your iPhone 4

You have a few options to connect your mobile phone to a network. The most common ways that this iPhone can do so are:

  • Wi-Fi - These affordable iPhones can connect to any home or public Wi-Fi network in your area.
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth connectivity allows your mobile to communicate with nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • 2G and 3G - These mobiles can connect to 2G or 3G networks of your choice. You may be able to find some iPhones that are unlocked and not associated with a network.
Can you get an iPhone 4 used?

If you're looking for an iPhone 4 for sale at the right price, you can take a look at the pre-owned iPhone 4 models on eBay. In many cases, inexpensive iPhone 4 prices mean the mobile is pre-owned but still in good working order. Some cheap iPhone 4 mobiles may be refurbished items. A refurbished iPhone 4 is used but has been worked on to look and function like a new mobile. If you cannot find the version of the iPhone 4 for sale that you want new, you may be able to locate it in the pre-owned section.