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Upgrade Your Mobile Device to the Apple iPhone 7 256GB Smartphone

After a while, it can be time to upgrade your phone to a newer device with a new look or more features. The Apple iPhone 7 256GB smartphone can give you all the new features you may be looking for at a price you can afford. eBay lists hundreds of these phones in new, open-box, refurbished, or used condition to pair with a variety of carriers.

Unique Features of Apple iPhone 7 256GB Smartphones

The Apple iPhone 7 has a 4.7 inch, 3D touch, LCD display with TouchID technology. The phone is both water resistant and dust resistant. The phone sports an Apple A10 Fusion processor and 2 GB of RAM. The phone also has both front and back cameras with the front camera being 7 MP and the rear camera 12MP for clear photos. The iPhone 7 is available in four colours: black, gold, silver, rose gold, and jet black.

How many pictures or apps can you save on the 256 GB iPhone?

256 GB is plenty of memory to comfortably save apps, photos, videos, and more directly onto your device. With 256 GB, you can save over 30,000 of the largest photos and 180,000 of the smallest, 48 hours of 720p video, and over 10 hours of 4K video, or over 60,000 songs. Depending on the size of the apps you choose to download, you can also save thousands of apps directly on the phone. This doesn't even include saving files to iCloud, which can increase the amount of space you have up to twice as much.

Can you use an unlocked iPhone on any carrier?

If you purchase an unlocked iPhone from eBay, you give yourself the freedom to choose any carrier you want for your cellphone services. Whether you want a contract with a major carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon or you want to go prepaid with a carrier like Straight Talk, you have the flexibility to choose since you aren't locked into making payments on a phone. Using an unlocked iPhone also allows you to use your phone internationally without having to worry if international SIM cards are compatible with whatever carrier the phone is locked with in your home country.

Would a refurbished smartphone be cheaper than a new one?

Purchasing a used iPhone 7 from eBay can save you hundreds of dollars off the price of a brand-new device. When you buy a used smartphone, you aren't sacrificing the features you may get with a new device and you can still use it on the carrier you choose. There is also the option to purchase a certified factory-refurbished phone that has been certified by the manufacturer to be in a condition very much like a brand-new device for more peace of mind.