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Healthy Skin With Jane Iredale

The Jane Iredale brand prides itself on pioneering clean, healthy and well-tested skincare and makeup products. They've also got a strong focus on multitasking makeup, which aims to make your beauty routine quicker and easier. When you browse through the Jane Iredale range, you'll notice how thoroughly every aspect of skincare and beauty is covered. It's a one-stop brand where you can get everything you need for healthy skin, and the beautiful look you want to create every single day. From face makeup to specialist lip care, it's time to try Jane Iredale today.

Face makeup made easy

Foundation is the starting point for every makeup routine, and with Jane Iredale the job is made so much easier. Jane Iredale's unique mineral blends of foundation are breathable, easy to apply and also look fantastic. Whether you prefer liquid, powder or creams, you've got options aplenty.

As far as concealing blemishes is concerned, Jane Iredale gives you the tools to achieve a flawless complexion every time. With blemish concealers, full coverage and even special under-eye products, you can make your face glow just the way you want.

For a totally fresh look, you can also find hydrating sprays and specially developed oil control primers. Not only will you look great, but your skin will be healthier!

Show your eyes and lips some love with Jane Iredale

The Jane Iredale range of eyeshadow is mineral-based, and you can have the option of applying wet or dry. The eyeliner products are much the same, geared towards helping those with sensitive skin to enhance their look with non-toxic products. Not to be left out, the brows are an important part of framing any look, and Jane Iredale offers pencil, gel and wax solutions for your brows. Not to mention their mineral-based mascara which can lengthen your lashes and make your eyes stand out.

Lip colour is important, so whether you prefer lipstick in bright, bold colours or something more subtle like lip gloss or simple lip liner, you'll find it in the Jane Iredale collection. There's also specially created lip plumpers and lip balms that retain moisture and help to rejuvenate cracked, dry lips.

Brushes, tools and makeup kits

Once you've got all the makeup supplies you need, you're obviously going to need a way to apply them all. Jane Iredale has carefully designed everything you need to keep your makeup routine easy. There are brushes for every application, tools to keep your eye pencils sharp, brush cleaners so you don't have to replace them all the time and even safe, clean makeup remover.

But one of the best items you'll find in this range are the makeup kits. There are starter kits if you're new to makeup, or for the seasoned professional there are specific sets for all purposes. Eye shadow kits, contour kits and even a lip care kit make it easy to get started with Jane Iredale. They're also great for travel.

Not to mention these makeup kits make amazing gifts for the makeup lover in your family. Even those people who have their favourites would love to be gifted a great package from Jane Iredale - we're sure they'll love the results when they try it!