Popular Le Coq Sportif Products

One of the oldest sportswear brands in the world, Le Coq Sportif first came into being way back in 1882. Since that time, they have developed well and truly into one of the most respected manufacturers of sportswear in the world. Originating in France, the company has developed a reputation for high-quality sportswear that is loved by professionals and amateurs alike. Their gear is also great as fashionable streetwear, even if you’re not a sportsperson!

Having been endorsed by some of the greatest sports stars in history, Le Coq Sportif also provide jerseys for the Tour de France, obviously a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of their products. From t-shirts to hoodies and casual shoes to coats and jackets, there’s so much to choose from if your sporty wardrobe needs an upgrade.

Superior sports fashion

Whether you’re working out or chilling with friends on the weekend, Le Coq Sportif delivers the goods to keep you comfortable and looking great. When you’re in operation for over a century, making sportswear for some of the world’s greatest athletes, there’s no doubt you learn a thing or two about making great, high-quality sports fashion – and that’s exactly what Le Coq Sportif have done.

Sports fashion isn’t just about looking great – you need quality materials, great designs and manufacturing practices that result in durable, reliable products that last. Le Coq Sportif sportswear won’t degrade like cheaper, lesser brands, meaning you can enjoy your garments for years to come. Trusted with supplying jerseys for the Tour de France, as well as sportswear for many global sports clubs, you know that you can trust the quality of Le Coq Sportif.

T-Shirts for men

Comfort, functionality and style all in one place. Is it possible? Le Coq Sportif prove that it definitely is. Whether you want casual sports-inspired streetwear, or shirts and tank tops that you can wear at the gym or on the running track, Le Coq Sportif has something for you.

Le Coq Sportif shirts come in a range of styles. If you’re looking for more casual clothes, you can choose from a great range of t-shirts, featuring logos or other subtle, sporty designs. There’s also long sleeve options and polo shirts for that cool, casual look.

If you’re feeling a bit more-sporty, you’re going to look and feel great when you head off to the gym or out for a run in one of Le Coq Sportif’s functional and stylish tank top designs. Whatever your t-shirt needs, the quality you get from Le Coq Sportif is hard to go past, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they look great too!

Casual shoes for all occasions

It can be so hard to find casual shoes that give you a real sense of comfort and a great, sporty look at the same time. Not anymore, thanks to Le Coq Sportif. Browsing through the range of casual canvas shoes, you’ll find options that are suitable for all occasions. There are some excellent canvas tennis shoe styles in colours both plain and unique, as well as their field shoes and casual dress shoes.

You can also choose from the Coq D’Or collection, which brings a great selection of modern, casual shoe styles to suit any style preference. From flat canvas options to high-top sporty boots, your feet are going to be well supported and looking fantastic in Le Coq Sportif.

Athletic shoes for men

If you’re the athletic type and want some fresh styles to wear at the gym, on the court or on the track, look no further than Le Coq Sportif. Carefully constructed tennis shoes are a staple of the brand, but you’ll also find supportive basketball boots and expertly designed running shoes.

The style of Le Coq Sportif’s men’s running shoes keeps evolving, taking classic styles and upgrading them for the expectations of modern consumers. With funky designs that let you show off your style while burning up the track, there’s no reason you can’t combine brilliant aesthetics with the finest comfort and support.

Men’s coats and jackets

As every sporty guy would know, training and exercise doesn’t stop just because the temperature drops in cooler months. When you still need to hit the track, work out in the gym or train to be your best, you need some warmth and superior comfort to support your pursuit of peak performance.

You’ll find everything in the Le Coq Sportif coats and jackets range to keep you protected from the elements, whether it be training windbreakers, waterproof training jackets, or even bomber jackets if you’re waiting on the sidelines.

It isn’t all about sport though – there’s plenty of winter fashion essentials here too, such as quality down jackets for maximum warmth, and casual windbreakers which are a suitable winter addition to any outfit. Look good, keep warm, and keep pushing yourself to greatness with Le Coq Sportif.

Sporty le coq sportif women’s wear

Le Coq Sportif isn’t just for the guys. There’s also a huge range of items for the modern, active woman too. There’s training pants and tights which can be worn as active or casual wear, as well as some great sport-themed dresses and skirts. You’ll also find a range of t-shirts, training shirts in short and long sleeves, and even tennis skirts for when you’re hitting the court. You can also get all your tanks and one-piece singlets from Le Coq Sportif.

For the colder months, you can keep warm in the great range of zip-up training hoodies which are built for freedom of movement, or a heavier zip-up sweatshirt for extra warmth. If you need to put your best foot forward, there’s also training, athletic and casual shoes galore in the women’s range. 

Whatever your women’s sports apparel needs, Le Coq Sportif promise quality, style, and designs that are built for performance.

Bags and accessories

What would a sportswear brand be without a great selection of bags and accessories? The Le Coq Sportif sports bags and backpacks are durable, stylish, and great for the man or woman on the go. High quality materials mean these bags are built to last, no matter what sort of punishment you put them through.

And don’t forget about keeping your head warm – the range of super cool beanies and hats from Le Coq Sportif are the ideal way to set off your fashionable, sporty look!