Inspirational décor with oriental furniture

The classic beauty of Asian and Chinese design has stood the test of time in home decor. Whether it is an entire oriental theme with antique style vases and intricately lacquered cabinets you are after or just a contemporary and useful piece of Asian furniture, you will find something to match your home.

Oriental furniture has always had practical and flexible uses as well as highly detailed designs. Storage solutions in oriental cabinets and chests, alongside a variety of painted lamp and side tables, will often be cleverly built into the design.

Oriental display stands and tea trays

The exquisite handcrafted Ming dynasty-style oriental Mingei display stand, with hand rubbed finish, is a delightful example of a one-off piece, perfect for the display of small precious items. No Asian or Chinese theme would be complete without an authentic tea table or an oriental furniture rosewood tea tray, made of elm wood and standing 24 cm high, this is a highly desirable and useful addition to any room.

Oriental cupboards and room dividers

There is a range of oriental sideboards, cupboards, and bedside tables available with clever storage solutions, such as the 60c m rattan-style drawer unit in mahogany that is very adaptable and can suit a variety of rooms. Oriental décor has always promoted a flexible lifestyle and the decorative room dividers can immediately transform a space, making for a striking piece of furniture.

If you have a modern and contemporary home, then a desktop traditional Shoji Screen may be the understated look you need. However, the more flamboyant could delight in a 1.8 m room divider with Van Gogh print, a conversation piece in any room.

Oriental furniture specialities

A 33 cm Shinjuku Japanese Shoji lantern in black would be an ideal statement item to add authenticity to any oriental theme. You will also find very specific, such as Tatami meditation chairs, handcrafted and traditionally used on Tatami floor mats.