You've been summoned by Persona video games, collectables and accessories on eBay 

The Persona video game series is one of the most popular ongoing lines of video games in the world. Spun out of the Shin Megami Tensei universe, the Persona games have gone on to sell millions of copies around the world, delivering awesome action and puzzling strategy to players of all ages. With thousands of Persona products, from video games and figurines to shirts, books and more, eBay can help you travel back to high school and battle the baddies. 

All the versions for all the systems 

With so many awesome spin-offs throughout the years, it can be hard to find one place in which to see a lineup of them all. Luckily for you, eBay has thousands of Persona games and gear collected in one spot so you can find the version you want. Need Persona 5 for the PlayStation 4? Keeping it old school and want to add Persona 3 for PlayStation 2 to your collection? Maybe you're after Persona Q for your Nintendo 3DS or Persona 4 Arena for your Microsoft XBox 360. Whatever disc or cartridge you're after, there's a great chance we'll have it waiting for you. There's even a range of collector's editions and hard-to-track-down variants from our sellers, giving you a chance to unearth some real gems. 

With a lineup of Shin Megami Tensai video games and other ATLUS video games for a range of platforms, eBay can have you living your digital dreams through serious strategy and frantic button mashing. Check them out today and load up.