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Rip Curl is one of those iconic Aussie brands that everyone’s heard of. Most of us own at least one piece of clothing from the brand, and that’s not surprising – it’s known for its comfort and reliability. The brand started out in Torquay, Victoria, and it might surprise you to hear that it wasn’t originally a clothing brand at all. Its founders, Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer, started Rip Curl as a surfboard shop, making and selling surfboards to local surfing fans. It didn’t take long, though, for the pair to start branching out into making good quality wetsuits… and then board shorts. Nowadays, the brand produces a range of quality wetsuits, rashies, board shorts, tees, shoes, and a host of other surf and beach wear.

Women’s Rip Curl Clothing

Whether you’re looking for a hoodie to keep you warm after a cold morning’s surf or a dress to keep the sun off while you’re sitting on the beach waiting for the tide to change, there’s a selection of Rip Curl clothing ideal for you. The brand makes bikinis designed for actual use rather than lying on the beach looking pretty, and you’ll also find one-piece swimsuits and board shorts, as well as rash vests. If you’re looking for summer outer wear, check out the chino shorts and cotton tees, or go a little bit boho in a long loose dress and a pair of leather sandals.

Men’s Rip Curl Clothing

When you’re heading to the beach, Rip Curl has a selection of clothing to keep you covered and having fun. For a quick swim or a game of beach cricket, a pair of Rip Curl board shorts and a tee shirt plus a bucket hat and a slather of sunscreen makes for the ideal outfit. Don’t forget to add a pair of thongs or sandals – the sand can get hot in the summer months. Remember the cases of people ending up in hospital with bad burns on their feet from hot sand? Don’t join their sad and ouchy club.

Rip Curl Surfing Wetsuits

Rip Curl specialise in wetsuits and surfing wear, so the brand is a great choice if you’re in the market for a wetsuit. If this will be your first wetsuit, or you’re not 100% sure on what you’ll need, we’ve put together some guidelines for you.

First, make sure you know what sort of wetsuit you need. There are five basic types: full steamers, short arm steamers, spring suits, long and short johns, and wetsuit tops. Full steamers cover you from ankle to neck and down to your wrists. These are good for using in cold weather. Short arm steamers are much the same, but with a shorter sleeve, usually finishing around the elbow. These are often used by people who still want the warmth of a steamer but need a bit more dexterity in the arms than a steamer provides. A spring suit is typically half-length in leg and arm, reaching to approximately knee and elbow. They’re good for in-between weather – typically autumn and spring. Long and short johns are sleeveless and have either half-length legs (short johns) or full-length legs (long johns). A lot of people like these because they’re easier to paddle in. Wetsuit tops are pretty much what they sound like – a long sleeve or short sleeve top only, ending at the waist or hips.

Second, figure out what thickness you need. This affects the warmth that a wetsuit can give you, but it can also affect your range of movement; wetsuits are often made with thinner neoprene in the areas that will flex the most. The most common thicknesses you’ll see in Australia are 3mm and 4mm – this refers to the thickness of neoprene in the torso. Most people starting out go for a 3/2mm suit. You get maximum manoeuvrability, and some warmth, without overheating.

Third, sizing is important. Get a mate to help you take waist, chest and height measurements, then check the manufacturer’s sizing guide before you buy. Keep in mind that a new wetsuit has a bit of give in it, so might feel uncomfortably tight to start off with. The suit will stretch about 5% over time. Too tight is better than too loose – a loose suit will lose heat and cause drag in the water.

Men’s Rip Curl

Rip Curl offers a range of athletic pants, cargo pants, and chinos for casual wear. Its track pants are a great choice for kicking the footy around with some mates, while its casual trousers work well for spring and autumn months where it gets a bit too hot for jeans but is still too cool to wear shorts. They also offer basic protection for your legs on hikes and bush walks. For your top half, Rip Curl produce button up, polo, and tee shirts that all work well with its pants. Grab a hoodie or a jacket for cooler days, and your outfit is set. Team with boots or sneakers and crew socks for a simple and effective look.

Rip Curl Shorts

Rip Curl produce shorts that are cool and comfortable to wear, ideal for Aussie summers. For times when you might be in water, quick drying board shorts are a great outfit decision. Knit shorts work better for more athletic pursuits – they don’t dry as fast but give you the maximum manoeuvrability because they’re nice and stretchy. Chino, denim and other woven cotton shorts work well for slightly more dressy occasions, like heading over to a friend’s place for a BBQ and a beer.

Surfing hardware

If you’re an avid surfer, a spare board leash or two never goes astray – those things manage to disappear like they’re being stolen by surf leprechauns. You can find a selection of lengths and colours here from Rip Curl, as well as deck grip and fin cases.

Rip Curl also has a range of accessories, which you can shop for on eBay.