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Sass and Bide is an Australian designer label, which was founded in 1999. The two best friends who started it all had a simple vision founded on three key words . . . Strong, Obscure and Beautiful

Sass and Bide have established themselves as a dominant presence on the Australian fashion landscape thanks to their modern, distinctly Australian aesthetic, free spirited designs and confidence.

There are more than 45 Sass and Bide outlet stores stretched across Australia and New Zealand.

Hot Collections

Resort 19: The Resort 19 collection is inspired by the beating heart of New York’s Lower East Side in the 90s. The designers have drawn from this heady, frivolous urban party-scape to create a season of celebration.

Pre Fall 19: The Pre Fall 19 collection celebrates the restless heart of la rebelle and her fiercely free way of life.

Fall Spring 19: The Fall Spring 19 collection celebrates the adventure of escape.

Denim Delights: Sass and Bide built their business on innovative denim designs. Denim remains a mainstay of their catalogue, with the flare denim mini skirt a perennial favourite.

Flare Denim Mini Skirt: This kick flare skirt is made from all-cotton denim. It makes use of a stonewash finish to create a soft, washed black colouring. The skirt has a mini length with pockets at the hip and flared panels to produce fullness at the hem.

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