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One of Britain's leading tech companies, Tech21 is one of the few companies that specialise in products that protect your tablet, iPhone, or device. Using the latest in research and development, design and engineering and a cutting edge manufacturing process, Tech21's suite of products are the leader in their field.

Tech21's cases are made from materials that you can't find elsewhere. The unique FlexShock impact material has a multi-layered structure that distributes shock energy around the cover and protects your computer from drops. Cases consists of two pieces; one for the screen and the other fits snugly onto the base while still giving you access to the headphone and USB ports. The case is made from a gel-like material that is nice to touch and still gives you good grip. 

Tech21's products also contain a built-in anti-microbial that helps keep your phone and case hygienically clean. it's one more reason Tech21 products outperform the competition.
Need something to protect your MacBook from impact? The Impact Snap gives premium protection from impacts while providing a non-slip typing platform that ensures a more comfortable typing experience. There's plenty of protection for your smartphone as well. Tech21 caters for all brands of smartphone including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Sony.

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