Caravan Water Hose Buying Guide

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Caravan Water Hose Buying Guide

A caravan is very like a small house on wheels. Like a house, a caravan usually has an electrical system, a heating system, wastewater systems, and a water intake system. The difference is that in a house, unless something goes wrong and the plumber has to come in, it is possible to pretty much ignore all of these systems. With a caravan, part of the plumbing system, the hoses that carry water to and from the hook-ups, have to be handled every time the caravan changes location. These hoses are fairly easy to replace when they wear out because they are not enclosed by the caravan's structure, but it is important to get the right kind of hose for the job. The water intake hose is the most critical of these, because it carries the water the caravan users drink. The following information can be used to find and buy the right water hose for a caravan.

Caravan Water Hose Features

A good caravan water hose is durable, clean, and large enough to carry ample water. Some features, such as length, are difficult to judge, since they depend on circumstances at that campsite, which can be difficult to predict. Other features are easier to predict, but vary from trip to trip, such as whether the hose needs to be able to withstand freezing. Either way, the right hose to buy is the one that best meets the user's needs.

Caravan Water Hose Colour and Quality

The hose for a water line should be food grade and it should never be used for anything other than potable water. A garden hose, for example, is not food grade, and chemical residues from the plastic can contaminate the water. A hose made for running a caravan's water supply has a special lining that does not give off chemicals. But even a food grade hose can become a problem if used to run something other than potable water, since the inside of a hose is very difficult to clean completely. For this reason, caravan hoses are typically colour-coded; the water intake line is white, while wastewater lines are brown, black, or grey.

Hoses are not indestructible and need to be treated with some care. Hoses should not be left anywhere where they might be driven over or stepped on, for example. But even a well-cared-for hose can crack or even fail, and a low-quality hose is more likely to fail sooner. The best hoses can be expensive, especially if very long hoses are needed, but they last many years.

Caravan Water Hose Length, Diameter, and Shape

Caravan water hoses come in two basic shapes: round and flat. Round hoses are like garden hoses in that they are round in cross-section even when empty. The problem is that these hoses take up a lot of room when stored, because of all the empty space inside the hose. Flat hoses are like fire hoses, or the sleeves of a jumper, in that they fall flat when nothing is inside them. They are much more compact to store, but in order to use a flat hose, it has to be completely unrolled, because water has no room to move through a hose when it is flat. So, for example, if the caravan with a ten meter flat hose is parked two meters from the water spigot, the entire ten meters have to be unrolled anyway, and the entire camp could become a mess of snaking hose.

Collapsible hoses are similar to flat hoses in that they take up less space when empty. With either a flat or a round hose, it is a good idea to carry enough hose for all expected camp set-ups, but not much more than that. Which style, flat or round, is better depends on the user's priorities. The hose should be long enough to lie down on the ground between caravan and spigot, rather than swinging in the air like a jump rope.

Water hoses also vary in inside diameter. The wider the hose, the more water can flow through it during a given amount of time at a given water pressure. A bigger hose can fill the caravan's tanks faster, and if the water source has low pressure, this can be important.

Caravan Water Hose Temperature Tolerance

Hoses should not be allowed to freeze. Plastic itself can get brittle at low temperatures, and if water inside the hose freezes, the hose could burst. There are ways to cope with cold temperatures while on holiday, such as disconnecting and draining the hoses overnight and then reconnecting during the day as the weather gets warmer, or wrapping the hose with insulating tape. But there are also non-freezing water hoses designed specifically for use in cold weather. These hoses contain their own insulation and are designed not to freeze. Some even include electric heating elements. Really well-designed water hoses can handle the biggest temperature extremes the bush can offer, and they are priced accordingly.

Custom-Made Water Hoses

While many companies make excellent hoses for caravans, custom making a hose usually costs less. A custom-made hose can also be as short or as long as its owner wants. Simply buy a length of food-grade tubing and attach end fixtures.

Odds and Ends

The fixtures of a water hose can be either brass or stainless steel. Both work well, although brass can sometimes rust. Be aware that if the hose is hooked to a contaminated water source, the inside of the hose becomes contaminated as well and is very difficult to clean. Sterilising the spigot with bleach before hooking up can do nothing about contaminated water, but is useful in case the last hose to attach there was contaminated.

This chart lists several highly recommended accessories to be used with the water intake hose. While none are, strictly speaking, required, most caravan campers use them. In some areas, some of these accessories, such as a water filter, might be necessary for safety.



Pressure safety valve

Fits between the hose and the spigot; prevents water pressure surges

Water filter

Some can remove all waterborne diseases, others cannot

Garden hose

Useful for cleaning

Y-shaped spigot attachment

Lets both the drinking water intake and a garden hose be used at the same time

Protective storage bag

Keeps the water hose from becoming contaminated in storage

The above list is not an exhaustive. There may be other accessories that, depending on the user's situation, are hard to do without. This list makes a good beginning for most users, though.

How to Buy Caravan Water Hoses on eBay

Caravan water hoses are available on eBay, along with other water-related caravan equipment, such as pressure regulators. The site is easy to search. The low prices are an added benefit.

Finding Caravan Water Hoses on eBay

To find caravan water hoses on eBay, one option is to use theAdvanced Search to go right to the particular type of hose. Alternatively, try a simple search with a keyword like 'caravan water hoses ' and browse around. Or, check out the best prices of the day on eBay Deals ; the right hose could be among the lucky listings.

Buying Caravan Water Hoses on eBay with Confidence

A good purchase experience depends on a good relationship between seller and buyer. eBay ' s top-rated sellers are identified by a badge on their product listings and their profile pages. The seller's profile page lists his or her feedback score and policies, as well as a contact link for any of the buyer's questions or concerns.


Caravan holidays can be a great deal of fun. Users get all the advantages of travel without having to ever actually leave home because home goes on holiday as well. Because waterborne illnesses are not at all fun, it is important to take great care in choosing and handling the caravan's water intake hose. Be sure the hose is food-grade, and that it can handle the weather expected during the trip. Make absolutely sure that it cannot be confused with the waste-water hoses, and that it is never used for anything other than potable water. While it is certainly better for a hose to be too long than too short, and it is possible to have to reach 30 meters or more to get water, carrying too much hose is awkward. A good estimate is important.

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