Daria DVD Collection

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Daria is a animated comedy involving a depressed/unimpressed-with-life teenage named Daria who lives with her family:her overly protective mom, forgetful and immature dad(that was the best way I could describe him), and "girly-girl" sister. In episode one the two teens are driven to school where Daria's sister(nasme escapes me at the moment) and herself are driven to school where her sister is emediatly accepted into the popular club (unrealilistic right) and Daria is left to wonder around and force herself to talk to the stereotyped idiots of the school. ONce daria finds the class she is supposed to be in she befriends a student named Jane is an artist who paints pretty much anything (great chracter by the way she seemed in some ways to resemble me, anyway I like the character) who almost has the same views about everything that is wrong with the world this concept proceds them further and further as the series goes on and they begin to grow further together. The two continue through high school making fun of and picking on everyone in a dark humoured format. Here are some examples of the kinds of teachers the school has to offer; a teacher with a short temper, a very corrrupt priuncipal and an overly-senstive teacher just to name a few. Comedy over drama and vice versa the series is absolutely a side-spliter, this series is definitely one everyone who has ever gone to school can relate to.

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