For combine postage (request for total)

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Many sellers offer discounts when you purchase multiple items, it's a mutual benefit to save on postage cost.

For sellers who offer combine shipping, they usually do not require immediate payment. Follow these steps to combine your multiple orders from the same seller:
1. When you see an item you like, click "Buy It Now" or wait until you win your auction.
2. You will be taken to a webpage that confirms your order with the option to "Continue Checkout with Paypal". Do not checkout to pay for this item (yet).
3. When you are finished shopping for your several items, proceed to your "Purchase History". You will see the option on the right side of your just-ordered items to "Pay Now" or "Request total from seller". Select "Request total from seller" and enter a message to notify the seller that you would like to combine your orders to ship together.
4. Wait for the seller to send you a new invoice, and pay attention to any discounts they applied. There are 2 sections sellers can apply the discount, through the Shipping Charge or through the discount section.
5. Checkout with Paypal with this new invoice.

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