How To Remove Anderson Plug Contacts

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One of the many strengths of the ubiquitous Anderson connector is secure contact retention. Inserting the contacts is extremely simple and once the undercut section of the contact has been inserted beyond the end of the stainless-steel spring it is locked in place:
The springs force the contacts of mated connectors together – providing excellent continuity – and naturally make it difficult to remove the contact should the need arise. In this How To we show you a simple method for removing the contacts from an Anderson connector.
1. Disconnect the power supply to which the Anderson plug is connected.
2. Remove any safety boots or heatshrink sealing from the rear of the housing.
3. Insert a small screwdriver to the side of the contact and press down on the spring until it clears the notch on the underside of the contact (below).

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4. At the same time, pull gently on the cable from the rear of the housing to help the contact to slide rearward (below).

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5. Once the contact has been withdrawn far enough to clear the spring the screwdriver can be used to help push on the nose of the contact (below).

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6. Repeat the process for the other pole.
7. If your cable does not offer enough free movement between the two poles to allow the contacts to be fully removed as separate steps, get both contacts free of the spring (up to Step 5) then pull both from the housing in one motion
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