How's a CREE LED torch different from a standard torch?

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If you've been looking for an LED torch lately, you no doubt have seen the word "CREE" used. I'm sure you're familiar with the traditional LED diodes you see in the cheaper torches, you know the ones that have multiple LED's in them, and  the performance is really quite poor when compared to a "CREE" LED torch.

Through advanced scientific research, the "CREE" LED chip has been developed.They are revolutionising the lighting industry due to their outstanding energy efficiency, brilliantly intense, bright white light and incredible lifespan of the chip compared to a normal incandescent bulb.

A "CREE" LED chip is actually a microchip that emits an incredibly pure white light, that is amazingly bright for it's size and by far outperforms any traditional torch you may be familiar with. Due to their high efficiency,they achieve a lot brighter light for a much longer amount of time, using smaller and fewer batteries than a standard torch. Generally "CREE" LED life spans are estimated to be a phenominal 100,000 hours.

The "IN FOCUS LED" brand of torch uses this revolutionary technology in their precision engineered products. Through constant research and development they have achieved amazing performance results from these chips in their products. If you want to be a part of the next generation in LED torches, you can find them at our EBAy store hpr_products_australia.

Once you have experienced one of these exceptional products, you'll wonder how you ever survived without one!

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