How to Clean a GameCube Disc with Scratches

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How to Clean a GameCube Disc with Scratches

The GameCube was a Nintendo gaming console manufactured between 2001 and 2007. The GameCube used small optical discs for each game. Over time, the discs can become scratched and the games will no longer play. Use the following tips to remove scratches from GameCube discs to make the games playable once more.


Clean the Disc

Before starting any extreme methods to remove scratches from a GameCube disc, clean the disc. Many of the scratches on the disc might simply be dirt that can be washed off. Cleaning a disc is not difficult, but for best results, do not clean in a circular pattern. Clean the disc from the inside toward the outside in a single direction only. Rubbing back and forth on the disc can make scratches worse and might make the disc unplayable.

Spray the surface with CD cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth, like a microfiber cloth. If CD cleaner is not handy, simple water and dish soap can also work. Dry the disc with a soft cloth before moving on to the next step.


Assess the Severity of the Scratch

Take the GameCube disc outside and examine the scratches in full daylight. There are three different types of scratches on a GameCube disc:

Surface Scratches

These scratches are tiny and do not penetrate the first level of plastic. The scratches are usually small, and are typically caused by dust and small bits of grit. Usually surface scratches do not interfere with the playability of the disc.

Mid-Level Scratches

These scratches penetrate several layers of the plastic coating. Mid-level scratches are usually longer and it may be possible to feel them with a finger. These scratches are caused by larger pieces of grit or by other accidental scratches, such as fingernails or screws. Mid-level scratches may make the game skip and become unplayable.

Deep Scratches

Deep scratches penetrate all the way through the plastic coating and into the data layer. If this happens, the disc is probably unplayable, no matter what scratch removal method is used. Deep scratches physically damage the data stored on the GameCube disc. If deep scratches are present, don’t be surprised if the scratch repair methods do not work and the disc has to be replaced.


Scratch Removal Supplies

A variety of household materials can be used to remove scratches from GameCube discs. Try the following supplies:


Light Scratch Repair

For all scratch repair, start with the least abrasive material and work up to more abrasive material. There is some risk that abrasives will damage the disc more–but if the disc does not respond to gentler repair methods then move on to the more abrasive methods.

For light scratches, start by wiping the surface with eye glass polish or furniture polish. Use a soft cloth and gentle circular motions to gently polish the surface of the disc. Try playing the disc after each polish. If the disc does not respond to the gentle methods, move on to the next step.


Deep Scratch Repair

Repairing deep scratches requires the use of a more abrasive material. Both toothpaste and metal polish can work for this step. Use whichever is on hand, or try both for really deep scratches.

Apply a small amount of polish or toothpaste to the cloth and rub over the shiny part of the disc in circular motions. Use small circles to buff out existing scratches. Clean the surface of the disc with water before playing. Go over the surface of the disc a total of three times, trying the disc between each polish to see if it starts to work. If the disc does not work after three abrasive polishes, check again for signs of deep scratches. If deep scratches exist, the disc may not be playable no matter what scratch repair methods are used. If no deep scratches exist, continue polishing the disc a few additional times, then go over the surface once more with furniture polish.


Buying GameCube Disc Repair Products on eBay

eBay offers a variety of GameCube disc repair supplies. A search for "CD disc repair" will bring up results for CD cleaners and polishes. Search through the Home and Garden section of eBay to find cleaning supplies that can help remove scratches from GameCube discs. eBay even offers soft polishing cloths and furniture polish to complete the repair. Sort items by seller location, price, auction or buy it now listing, and hundreds of others.



A scratched GameCube disc does not have to mean the end of the game. There are several remedies that can remove scratches from the disc and make the games playable once more. Search for GameCube disc repair products on eBay to find repair products that will restore the disc to its original functionality.

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