How to Hang Party Decorations Without Damaging Walls

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How to Hang Party Decorations Without Damaging Walls

Party decor is one of the most important aspects of a party, and having so many options available can leave consumers wondering how to go about hanging them all without damaging their walls. Tacks, staples and nails leave behind marks, but fortunately, there are other ways to hang party decorations without leaving holes or ruining the existing paint. With a little know-how, hosts can prepare for a party without worrying about damage. To do this, they must understand different types of tape and how to use them with different decorations.


Select a Tape

Tape is a smart choice for hanging all types of party decor, but not just any tape gets the job done without leaving damage. When selecting a tape, find one that does not peel paint or wallpaper when removed. One option for hanging heavier party decor is double-sided poster tape. This type of tape has adhesive on both sides and usually requires a smaller piece per decoration.

Another option is painter's tape. This type of tape, designed for marking off painted areas, does not usually damage walls. This tape is not as strong as some types, however, so it may take more per application and is better suited for lighter decorations such as streamers.

Decorators should determine the weight of the objects they plan to hang. For instance, while painter's tape or double-sided scotch tape works well for banners, it may not hold heavier decor in place as well. These types of tapes are a good choice for keeping tablecloths secure and hanging balloons instead.


Test the Tape

Before hanging all of the decorations with the tape, test an inconspicuous spot on the wall to ensure the paint or wallpaper does not peel off and that the tape removes easily. An ideal place to try is inside a cabinet or closet so that if damage does occur, it goes unnoticed. The same test should apply to wallpaper as brittle or older wallpaper can come off right along with the tape. If the tape does damage the walls, consider a wall gum.



After running the tape test, begin decorating with the tape. In the case of using tape on paint or wallpaper, less is more. Use as little as possible while taking care to make sure the decor is firmly in place. When hanging banners and balloons. For other decorations, determine the proper amount of tape needed to keep things in place.


Removing the Tape

After the party, remove the tape as soon as possible. Leaving it on the wall for too long can cause damage as changing temperatures affect the entire adhesion process. It is optimal to remove it as soon as all of the guests leave, but if this is not possible, try to remove it within an hour or two of the party ending. Remove the tape gently by peeling up on one side until it comes free. If any of the tape remains, scrape it off while being careful not to scratch the wall.


How to Buy Party Decorations and Tape on eBay

Though decorating for a party without damaging the walls is not always easy, you can buy the supplies you need to get the job done from reputable sellers on eBay. Filter search results for tape and other party supplies by brand, type or size, or search for any specific items you have in mind. After locating the products that are right for your party, ensuring a top-rated seller offers them goes a long way in making your eBay experience a positive one. For party supplies, buying bundles is a good choice to help save on high shipping costs.

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