How to Program a Merlin C945 Remote Control Transmitter

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Merlin C945 Remote Transmitter
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Merlin C945 Remote Transmitter

The C945 Remote Control

The C945 remote control came into use around 2005, replacing the older M842 remote control for a newer, sleeker model.

Improving on the old two button model the C945 featured three green buttons, earning it the nickname "Bearclaw C945". The see below list of motors the C945 can operate!

The Roller Openers
MR600 & MR650
MR800 & MR850

The Overhead Openers
MT600, MT800, MT1000
ML700, ML750, ML850
MR850 Learn Button
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MR850 Learn Button

The "Learn" Button

The C945 remote control programs directly off your garage door unit.    
On the control board of your door opener are a series of small buttons.

You're going to be looking for the yellow "Learn" button. It's usually not marked as such, but you can see it in the picture on the right. 

On Overhead motors, this button is normally on the rear of the motor, under a small removable panel. 


The Programming Steps

Once you've located the "Learn" button, programming in your C945 remote will take less than ten seconds.   

Step 1. Press and hold the button on the remote you wish to operate your motor with 
Step 2. Press and immediately release the "Learn" button on your motor 
Step 3. Your motor should click or flash when it has learnt the code. Try testing the operation of your new remote control!


Deleting Codes From A Motor

Does your garage motor have a full memory bank, or have you misplaced your garage door remote? No worries! Deleting remote controls from your garage door is just as easy.   

Step 1. Press and hold the Learn button on your motor for 6 seconds, or until the LED goes out. 
Step 2. All of your codes should now be erased - Test to see if any old remotes still operate the motor. 

If you're still having some issues, please see the below visual guide released by National Garage, showing you how to code in your C945.

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