How to Repair Nails After Shellac

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How to Repair Nails After Shellac

There is no dearth of women who turn to Shellac for beautifully manicured nails, and while the initial effect is as desired, long-term effects may leave signs of nail damage. As a result, a number of women who use Shellac on an ongoing basis look for ways to repair damaged nails.

Using Shellac in the right manner is an aspect that requires due attention, and when repairing Shellac-damaged nails, people can find products on the market as well as in their own homes. When it comes to buying products to repair nails, buyers can turn to regularhealth and beauty shops and they can also find a number of options when shopping on websites like eBay.

Avoiding Shellac Nail Damage

Prevention is always better than a cure, and this is no different when addressing Shellac nail damage. People who wish to use Shellac nail polish should realise that this product requires professional application in a good salon. Part of the application process is subjecting nails to a special UV light that comes into play after each of the three coats.

Following the correct removal process also plays a role in avoiding nail damage. In doing so, users have two options: using the cotton and foil removal method or using CND Shellac remover wraps. Some people tend to file their natural nails or soak their Shellac-covered nails in acetone, which are not the best methods.

What Shellac users should also know is that past the recommended 14-day period, the adhesion of this substance increases, which lengthens the removal process. In addition, since this is a professional service, it is best that users turn to professionals even for removal of Shellac. Some users can experience drying, which is something that people can avoid by using SolarOil on an everyday basis. In addition, people should not use Shellac along with any other gel polish system.

Who Should Use Shellac and Who Should Not?

People who wish to use Shellac on their nails should bear in mind that the product works well with durable nails, and not otherwise. Therefore, people who suffer from splitting or peeling nails should ideally stay away until they do not repair the damage, because not only can these problems affect the product's durability, the removal process can further the damage more.

Repairing Nails After Shellac

While Shellac stays in place for 14 days, some people keep it on longer, which lengthens the removal process. Users cannot remove Shellac with regular nail polish removers, and a trip to the salon is ideal. In the event that users suffer from nail damage owing to Shellac use, there are a number of products they can turn to for effective results.

The OPI Nail Envy Original, for instance, can work as a good solution when used in the right manner. Using it involves applying two coats on the first day and following it with an additional coat every alternate day for the rest of the week. At the end of the week, users have to start all over again. The process repeats until the bottle of OPI Nail Envy Original is empty. To address cuticle damage, users can turn to OPI Avoplex oil.

Other products that can help repair nails after Shellac include Sally Hansen nail strengthener, Revitanail nail strengthener, Duri Rejuvacote, and even prenatal vitamins.

Repairing Shellac Damage the Natural Way

People who suffer from nail damage because of Shellac also have the option to let time take its course. The use of products tends to destroy layers of nails, causing them to thin. When left without products, nails have the ability to regenerate to their original form. In addition, certain nutrients help speed the process, and these nutrients, as mentioned in the table, are easy to find.


Found in


Peanuts, walnuts, egg yolk, Brewer's yeast, liver, lentils, and soybeans

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, potatoes, and tomatoes

Soaking damaged nails can also work as a remedy. Instead to buying products, people can turn to olive oil or vegetable oil, neither of which contains artificial ingredients or alcohol. Petroleum jelly, commonly found in homes, can keep damaged nails hydrated. In addition, as long as the nails remain damaged, it is best that they remain short, as this leaves them less vulnerable to cracking or breaking. The ideal time to trim such nails is after soaking or bathing since they are pliable and soft.

How to Buy Products to Repair Nails After Shellac on eBay

When looking for products to repair nails after Shellac, eBay users have a number of options from which to choose since many top-rated sellers deal in the products. As a result, buyers can find products like SolarOil, OPI Nail Envy Original, OPI Avoplex oil, Revitanail nail strengthener, Duri Rejuvacote, and prenatal vitamins rather easily. Some sellers even offer fashion and beauty deals with free delivery.

At every point, Shellac users should remember that using this product requires that they pay attention to different aspects from the application stage to the time they remove it because following the procedure to a tee minimises the risk of nail damage, and even if it arises, it is not difficult to repair.

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