How to Repair a Zipper Pull Tab

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How to Repair a Zipper Pull Tab

A broken zipper pull tab can make a person's favourite dress or skirt impossible to wear. Even though a zipper may be in perfect working condition, the loss of the pull tab can easily make it useless. Fortunately, replacing a zipper pull tab is easy with a bit of patience. This procedure should only take a couple of minutes, provided a person has the right tools and knowledge to perform the task. Different types of zippers have different pull tabs, so it is important to learn more about what makes them different in order to perform the repair quickly and successfully.

Knowing the Types of Zipper Pull Tabs

Zippers come in a wide variety of styles and materials, but when it comes to pull tabs, there are a handful of options to choose from. When looking for a replacement zipper pull tag, buyers should make sure they get one that matches the colour and size of their zipper.

Zipper Pull Tab Type


Metal Zipper Pull Tab

The original type of zipper

Various finishes including gunmetal and aluminium

Moulded Plastic Zipper Pull Tab

High-performance resins

Durable and flexible

Various finishes and colours

Invisible Zipper Pull Tab

Slim shape

Usually plastic

Matches the exact colour of the garment

Choosing a replacement pull tab is easy. Matching the colour of the pull tab with that of the zipper is essential for recreating the original look of the garment.

Getting the Materials Needed to Repair a Zipper Pull Tab

Consumers who want to repair a zipper pull tab need some materials and tools to complete the job successfully. The first thing the consumer needs is a replacement pull tab if the old one is broken or lost. Other tools that the consumer may need are a pair ofpliers or scissors, a safety pin, and a screwdriver. Depending on the type of zipper and the size of the pull tab, the consumer may need all these tools or just one of them.

Procedure for Repairing a Zipper Pull Tab

When the stop at the top of the zipper pulls off, the next thing that happens is the slider becoming free. In order to put the pull tab back or replace a missing one, the consumer needs to open the bottom of the zipper. This is easy to do with the help of some pliers. The consumer should lift the small plastic or metal piece that holds the pull tab in its place. The consumer should try to lift it carefully, as it may break off entirely if he or she bends it too much. Using the pliers, the consumer should remove any remains of the broken pull tab. The screwdriver or scissors may do the trick as well in the absence of pliers. This step is not necessary for replacing the pull tab altogether.

Attaching the New Zipper Pull Tab

After the consumer frees the slider of any remaining pieces of the old pull tab, it is time to put the new pull tab into place. The consumer should slide the replacement pull tab under the lifted piece of plastic or metal on top of the slider. Once the new pull tab is in place, he or she should secure it with his or her hands in order for the pull tab to remain in its place and not slide around. It is now time to use the pliers to bend the metal or plastic piece to secure the new pull tab into position. The consumer should be careful here, as pressing too hard may ruin the zipper pull tag. Once the consumer gets the zipper pull tab into place, the zipper is ready to use again.

How to Buy Replacement Zipper Pull Tabs on eBay

Zipper pull tags are available individually, in pairs, or in bulk on eBay. The website is home to dozens of types of zipper pull tags and you can find the exact model you are looking for with just a couple of clicks. Whether you are looking to replace the pull tab of aheavy duty zipper or that of an invisible zipper, you can find the one you want simply by typing it name into the search bar of the website. With the right supplies, you can proceed to repairing the zipper pull tab. Replacing the broken zipper pull tag of a dress or skirt can make that particular piece of clothing a star of your wardrobe once again.

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