How to Restore Your Xbox 360 to Factory Settings

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How to Restore Your Xbox 360 to Factory Settings

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is a gaming platform that helped change the way people interacted with video games. The Xbox 360 was released initially in 2005 and was the successor to the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 offers individuals online gaming capabilities, downloadable video games through Xbox Live Arcade, the ability to purchase and stream music and videos, and access the Internet. The Xbox 360 features expandable hard drive storage capability, wireless controllers with rechargeable batteries, and an optional Kinect motion sensing camera that enables gamers to directly interact with games developed specifically for the Kinect system. As advanced as the Xbox 360 is, there are times when things simply go wrong and the system might need to be reset back to the factory settings in order to operate properly.

Reasons to Reset an Xbox 360

There are several reasons why a user would need to reset their Xbox 360 back to the original default settings. One of the more common reasons is when a user purchases an Xbox 360 and wants to start from scratch without any settings held over from the previous user. Those selling their Xbox 360 , prefer to erase any personal data or user information prior to turning their Xbox 360 over to someone else. There are other times when parental locks are accidentally entered into the system and the code is forgotten, which prevents users from accessing certain games or Internet content. When this occurs, resetting the Xbox 360 allows the user to erase the settings.

Steps to Restore the Xbox 360

Prior to restoring the Xbox 360 to its factory default settings, users should be aware that all of their data on the system is permanently erased. The system reset deletes everything that is on the Xbox 360 and returns it to the exact state when it was originally purchased.

Remove any Game Disc

The first step is to remove any video game discs that are in the system tray. With the Xbox 360 turned on, open the tray and remove the game disc. Close the system tray and using the joystick, move the cursor to the right until it highlights the System Settings menu tab.

System Settings

From the System Settings menu, toggle down to the first tab, which is the Console Settings tab. Press the A button on the Xbox controller to access the Console Settings. In the Console Settings section, scroll down to the System Info tab and selected by hitting the A button on the controller. At this point, the Xbox 360's serial number is displayed and should be written down for use later. After recording the serial number backout of the Menu using the B button until once again at the System Settings menu. From here scroll down to the Memory tab and tap A on the controller.

Device Options

After selecting the Memory tab, the hard drive information is displayed. Hitting the Y button on the controller displays the Device Options. The Device Options menu enables users to rename the device, format the device, clear the system cache, and transfer content. At this stage and prior to formatting the Xbox 360 , users should make sure to transfer their content using the Transfer Content tab to a USB device or other storage option.

Once all of the content has been transferred, use the joystick to tab up to the Format tab and press the A button. The Format Device screen appears confirming that the next step removes all of the content on the device and asks for confirmation. Selecting "Yes" opens the Format Hard Drive screen, which requests the user to input their system serial number. After entering the serial number, the system once again asks to confirm the system reset with the additional warning that everything from the hard drive is about to be deleted. Selecting Yes on the controller initiates the system reset.


Once the format process is complete, the Xbox 360 is restored to its original factory settings. The user then can begin the setup process as if the unit was just purchased. The user can set up an existing Xbox Live account at this stage as well as transfer any pre-existing content back onto the Xbox 360's hard disk from the USB device or other storage device it was stored on.

How to Buy and Xbox 360 on eBay

If you are interested in purchasing an Xbox 360, there is a large selection of both new and used units available on 360 " into the search box that appears on that page. Every available Xbox 360 is then displayed and you can browse through the various listings until you find what you are looking for.

The Xbox 360 is much more than just a gaming console. It offers individuals a way to surf the Internet, play music, and watch movies and television programmes, all on one easy to use and compact device.

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