How to Take the Back Off a Citizen Watch

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How to Take the Back Off a Citizen Watch

There are a number of reasons why a watch owner may need to take the back off of his or her Citizen watch. Perhaps a battery needs replacement or perhaps the owner wishes to ensure the authenticity of the watch. Before taking the back off of a Citizen watch, a watch owner must know which tools he or she needs to perform the task and which steps to take to properly remove the back of the watch.



The first thing a watch owner must do when taking the back off of a Citizen watch is to ensure that the proper tools are ready. He or she should make the tools accessible during the process. Using the proper tools for the job ensures that the watch does not suffer damage during the process.

  • Jeweller's cloth: Prevents the watch from becoming scratched or damaged
  • Watch case knife: Used to open the watch case
  • Watch case wrench: Used to open the watch case
  • Watch case holder: Holds the watch in place when removing the back
  • Case back press: Helps press the case back into place after removal
  • Cotton gloves: Prevents damage to the watch
  • Watch screwdriver set: Helps remove the back of the watch

A watch owner may be tempted to substitute the tools they have on hand for the proper tools. However, doing so may damage the watch. It is best to invest in the proper tools when undertaking the task of removing the back of a Citizen watch.


Prepare the Workspace

It is important to make sure that the workspace is clean, tidy, and free of dust and debris. If dust happens to get inside of the watch after removal of the watch's back, it can cause the watch to malfunction. In extreme cases, dust or dirt can cause irreparable harm to a watch's mechanisms.


Remove the Back of the Watch

Once the proper tools are gathered, determine which type of watch case the watch has. Some watches require screwdrivers to remove the back while others require a knife or a wrench. Watch owners can tell which type of watch they have by inspecting the watch. If screws are present, they can use a screwdriver.

If there are no obvious screws but there are indentations spaced apart on the back of the watch, then they can use a wrench. If there are no indentations or screws, they can use a watch case knife.

Place Watch in the Watch Case Holder

After determining which tool to use to remove the back, place the watch in the watch case holder. This protects the crystal and bezel. If a watch case holder is not available, be sure to securely hold the watch in a soft, clean jeweller's cloth.

Open the Watch

Once the watch is securely in place, use the proper tool to open the back of the watch. If the watch case is the type that requires the use of a watch knife, slide the knife under the notch in the back of the case and pry the back off of the watch. If the watch is the type that uses a watch wrench, line up the teeth of the wrench with the slots on the back of the watch. Then, turn the wrench until the back of the watch is free from the watch case.

If the watch is the type that has a back that uses screws to hold it in place, use a watch screwdriver to unscrew and remove each screw. After removing each screw, gently use the flat head of the screwdriver to lift the back from the watch case. When removing the watch back, a gasket may be in place to protect the watch's mechanisms from water. Be sure to handle the gasket with care so that it does not suffer any damage.


How to Buy Watch Tools on eBay

To buy the supplies you need to remove the back of your Citizen watch on eBay, simply use the search bar found on every eBay page. Enter in a search phrase for the specific tool for which you are looking, such as 'watch knife' or 'watch case holder'. Then, filter through the results to purchase the tools and supplies you need. Be sure to ask sellers any questions about an item before making an offer and, if a seller is offering more than one item you need, be sure to ask about combined shipping so you can save money.

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