How to Use a Coffee Plunger

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How to Use a Coffee Plunger

A coffee plunger, or French press, is a simple device for making coffee at home or, with a small, portable model, even on the go. A coffee plunger consists of a cylindrical glass pot and a plunger with a filter screen. Brewing a cup of coffee is very convenient with this small kitchen appliance, because it requires only water and some ground coffee. These press pots are available in a variety of high street stores, while eBay sellers also offer many deals on different kinds of coffee makers. By knowing some simple facts about making coffee, it is possible to prepare a delicious hot drink in no time.

Choosing Coffee for a Coffee Plunger

The main secret to making good coffee, when using this method, is having the right blend and grind of coffee beans. Medium grind is the best option for a coffee plunger, because coffee that is too coarsely ground can clog the filter, while coffee that is too finely ground passes through the filter, and the grounds get into the final cup. When grinding coffee beans at home, achieving the perfect type of grind may take some effort, but in time, anyone can master this. It is best to use evenly ground coffee beans.

Preparing Coffee with a Coffee Plunger

When starting to make coffee with a coffee plunger, it is essential to first get the items ready for the process. This means placing the pot on a dry, flat surface and pulling the plunger to an up position while holding the handle firmly. It is best to boil the water before grinding the beans so that it can cool down a bit before pouring.

Measuring Coffee for the Plunger

The exact amount of coffee to use depends on how strong the coffee should be, and thus it is best to go by personal taste preferences. On average, 25 g of ground coffee should be enough for half a litre of coffee. A heaping tablespoon contains about 7 or 8 g of coffee, so this is about three tablespoons or a little more.

Mixing the Coffee

Once the coffee grounds are in the pot, it is time to add the hot water. Pouring should be slow and steady in order to avoid scalding. Stirring should be gentle, and for this, a chopstick is a good instrument because it is rather tall and reaches the bottom of the pot. About six stirs should be enough.

Steeping the Coffee

Next comes the steeping process, which takes place once the filter is on the pot in the up position. With a smaller coffee plunger, this takes about two or three minutes, while with a larger model, it may take about four minutes to make perfect coffee. The longer it steeps, the more bitter the coffee becomes. Once the coffee has steeped for the desired time period, it is time to press down the handle while holding it firmly upright.

Serving the Coffee from a Coffee Plunger

When serving coffee from a plunger, it is advisable to hold onto the lid in order to prevent the contents from escaping or sloshing around. Usually, a plunger has a handle to facilitate pouring. It is best not to touch the glass, as it may be rather hot.

Getting the Best Coffee from a Coffee Plunger

There are several factors to bear in mind while attempting to make a perfect cup of coffee. These relate to filter type, grinder (when using whole coffee beans), water quality, and the time period between roasting the beans and using them. The following table summarises all these points.

Factor Influencing Coffee Quality


Filter type

Nylon filters handle finer grind; metal filters require coarser grind


Should produce large uniform particles instead of chunks and dust

Water quality

Best to use filtered water

Roasting the coffee beans

Beans should be roasted at least three days prior to use; if too fresh, they produce too much CO2, resulting in brown suds

As with any kind of coffee, attention to detail is important when aiming to make a truly tasty cup. Keeping all the coffee-making items clean is also a must.

How to Buy a Coffee Plunger on eBay



, you can find a wide variety of devices for

making coffee

, and many sellers offer plungers for home use, as well as smaller ones that are suitable for travel. You can find a coffee plunger of your desired size by using the search box. If your initial search does not yield the desired results, try clicking on similar searches or change your keywords, either by making them more general or by supplying additional details. If you are a keen coffee drinker, you should also obtain a good grinder and the best roasted beans in order to make coffee of truly good quality. The basic process itself is relatively simple, consisting of boiling the water, grinding the beans, and mixing them together.

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