How to Use an Oven Thermometer

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How to Use an Oven Thermometer

Oven thermometers are useful tools for cooks who require precise temperatures for their recipes. Because the thermometer that comes built into an oven is not always accurate, an independent oven thermometer can help cooks reach the temperature they desire. The inaccuracy of the internal thermometer on some ovens often amazes individuals. An oven that is off by 50 to 100 degrees can drastically influence the final result. A variety of options help cooks achieve the temperature they need. Users should follow a few simple steps to ensure their oven thermometer produces an accurate readout.

Place Thermometer in the Oven

While this might seem like an elementary step, it is crucial to the accuracy of the thermometer's output. Depending on the size and model of an oven, different portions inside it may actually be different temperatures. To ensure the oven thermometer produces a relevant reading, place it in the middle of the same rack the food cooks on. This decreases the chance that the oven door causes cold air to influence the temperature. It also makes sure the thermometer reads the temperature of the oven where the food cooks. Most oven thermometers come with a hook that allows them to hang conveniently on the rack in the position of choice.

Set Temperature of the Oven

Once the thermometer is properly in place, it is time to set the temperature of the oven. Most ovens have a digital control that allows users to set the temperature in 5-degree intervals. Older oven models have spin dials that set the temperature. Once the oven is set, and an indicator shows that the oven is preheating, it is time to wait.

Preheat the Oven

When the oven is preheating, cooks should not open the door. If the door opens, it releases heat from the oven and causes heating to take longer. When the preheat indicator goes off, or the oven beeps, the oven's internal thermometer is at the preset temperature. At this point, users should keep the door closed, turn the oven light on, and check the thermometer. It is common for the oven thermometer to read lower than what the oven is set at.

Give it Additional Time

Oven thermometers often need additional time to provide an accurate reading. Approximately five minutes after the oven indicates it is preheated, users should check the oven thermometer again. At this point, they can be confident that the reading is accurate.

Adjust Oven Temperature

First-time oven thermometer users are often shocked by the discovery that the internal oven thermometer is not 100 per cent accurate. It is common to find that a consumer-level oven is 50 to 100 degrees cooler than the set temperature. This can wreak havoc on a recipe. In order to get the benefit of an oven thermometer and bring the oven to the appropriate temperature, cooks should adjust it by the number of degrees it is off. For example, if the oven is set at 176 degrees Celsius, but the thermometer reads 126 degrees Celsius, the cook should set the oven 50 degrees higher at 226 degrees Celsius. Ovens can be off by different amounts, which makes an oven thermometer an important kitchen tool.

Additional Tips

Additional questions often arise after the first use of an oven thermometer. The accuracy of the thermometer and the effectiveness of the oven are two common concerns. There are simple steps individuals can take to settle both.

Get Two Thermometers

First-time oven thermometer users often wonder if the thermometer is accurate. To ensure the accuracy of the reading, individuals can purchase a second thermometer to place next to the original. If the two thermometers provide identical temperatures, users can cook with confidence knowing the temperature is accurate.

Calibrate the Oven

Some ovens allow owners to calibrate the temperature. To do so, users usually need to pull an oven out from the wall and find a setting on the back. Other digital ovens have navigation controls that calibrate the temperature. This does have limitations, however. If an oven temperature is inaccurate, it is best to use an oven thermometer, even after recalibration.

How to Buy an Oven Thermometer on eBay

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Oven thermometers ensure the accuracy of an oven's temperature. They are a requirement of any kitchen because the internal thermometers in some ovens are inaccurate. To ensure an oven is set at the appropriate temperature, follow a few key steps and find a quality oven thermometer on the marketplace at eBay.

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