How to avoid Falcon AU BA compressor failure

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Falcon AU, BA compressor failure

 One common reason for the compressor to fail on these models is because of a restriction in the  orifice tube. This restriction starves the evaporator of refrigerant and in turn starves the compressor of lubricating oil which migrates ar ound the system  suspended in the refrigerant.

When replacing the compressor it is absolutely imperative that the orifice tube be replaced. Failure to do this will result in the system not operating correctly and will damage the replacement compressor.
At the same time the Accumulator should be replaced. It is a filtering system for the refrigerant and may be contaminated with metal filings etc. Besides this, the desiccant material in the accumulator could be saturated with moisture.
The system should also be flushed out with a suitable solvent approved for this operation.
It is best to have a accredited service person to carry out this operation at the time or re-gassing the system.


In most cases the compressor failure can be prevented by a very simple do it yourself diagnosis. 

If your system works fine when initially switched on but after a few minutes the performance drops off  there's a good chance that the orifice tube is restricted.

There is a pipe running from front to back on the passenger side over the front wheel hump. If this gets very frosty and the compressor is noisey then the indication can be a restricted orifice tube.
The pipe is shown in the diagram to the left. It is normally cold but should not have frost showing.

This required recovery of the refrigerant, replacement of the orifice tube and a re-gas of the system.

A 3/4 and 7/8 open ended spanner and good needle nose pliers are required to do the job. Undo the tube with the spanners then very carefully locate the end of the orifice tube with a pair of good needle nose pliers. The tube will be either orange or red depending on the model. Remove the orifice tube.
Apply some refrigeration oil on the 2 green o-rings on the new orifice tube so that there is no resistance when inserting it back into the pipe. Make sure you insert the correct end (white) first.
The system will then need to be re-gassed.
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