I need this item shipped to a different address.

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I need this item shipped to a different address. Is that possible?

If you have mentioned a shipping address for your eBay product but want it to be shipped to a different address, whether or not this is possible will depend on the payment method that you had opted for. For example, if you had chosen PayPal as your preferred payment method and had made the payment using this option, then it may be extremely difficult (if not impossible) for the seller to ship to a different location.

When you register with PayPal for eBay services, PayPal takes down your shipping address on file. This address is then confirmed by them and goes in your records as your ‘PayPal Confirmed Address’. Subsequently, if you win any auction and use PayPal to make your payment, you do not have to specify the shipping address as it is already noted in your records and the seller gets informed automatically. Thus, in such a situation, it could be impossible for the seller to accept your request for a change in shipping address.

However, if you have opted for one of the other payment methods on eBay, such as pay on pick up, ProPay, Paymate, or Escrow payment, then it could in fact be possible to ask for an alteration in the shipping address. In such a situation, you should contact the eBay seller and ask them if they could ship to another address. Most sellers should be able to heed to your request and will send your winning item to another address of your choosing.

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