Melbourne Cup Pins

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As a collector of Melbourne Cup pins I have developed this guide with the kind assistance of other collectors and researchers over a period of several years. Collectors will find this guide very useful as its the first catalogue on the complete range of Melbourne Cup pins.

My research indicates that the first dated 'cup' pin commemorating the Melbourne Cup was issued in 1992. There have been badges or pins issued for the Melbourne Cup previously however these were undated and not gold, cup shaped.

The pins have been associated with charity and fundraising since 1995 with the advent of the Pin & Win competition while the first 'diamante' pin was introduced in 2005. The standard pins have changed little over the years with the first pins being flat, two-dimensional, in 1997 3-D bulbous, cup shaped pins were issued. Since 1992 there have been a total of 12 different pin mould shapes used. During the years 2000 to 2005 two slightly different versions of the standard pin were sold as Pin & Win and retail versions.

Melbourne Cup pins are highly sought after as they commemorate the race which stops the nation and are very collectable as they are dated and have been issued continuously since 1992. The early badges before 1997 are hard to find and rarely come onto the market.

You can find a selection of Melbourne Cup pins in the Victory Badges online shop. To view the full checklist just search Victory Badges in Google

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(1) 1992 - Details unknown. Existence verified by the Australian Racing Museum  
(2) 1993 & 1994 - Not sold separately. Sold in a boxed set of five pins.  
  Including four past Melbourne Cup winning jockey pins plus Melbourne Cup pin  
  1993 set included Jockey pins for Phar Lap (1930), Kiwi (1983), Empire Rose (1989), and Let's Elope (1991)
  1994 set included Jockey pins for Rain Lover (1968/69), Carbine (1890), Peter Pan (1932/34) and Vintage Crop (1993)
(3) 1995 - First reference to pins in the Melbourne Cup race book with the launch of the Pin & Win competition.
(4) 2000 to 2005 - Two different versions of the standard pin were issued.  
  Different versions for 2001 and 2004 are unverified however are assumed to exist  
(5) 2005 - First year Melbourne Cup diamante pins issued.


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