Pond Liners in A Nut Shell

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Pond liners are invented   20 years ago. There are different types of liner for different uses.

Basically 2 categories, Polymer Plastic Liner and Rubber liner

Polymer Plastic Liner mainly include HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC

HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE are similar, both from PE family, cheap, but limited flexibility
HDPE is High Density PE, used in toughest environment.e.g. Land fill
LDPE are used for light duty environment, like river bank erosion control
LLDPE is softer than LDPE but still not as flexible as rubber 

Rubber Liner mainly include EPDM and Butyl liner,

Both expensive, as rubber material price is 10 times higher than plastic polymer material.

Butyl is older generation liner material.
Current popular rubber is EPDM which is also used in door/window seal, including car window.

EPDM was also used as car inner tire long time ago.

EPDM has great flexibility , but in term of stability and toughness, it is still worse than 
HDPE. Land fill construction does not allow EPDM.

this is why HDPE ponder liner start with 0.5mm, and EPDM starts as 0.75mm.

Which to choose

If your pond is very regular, and does not involve too many twist, bent, use HDPE

If your pond is very regular, and does not involve too many twist, bent,
and you dont expect it to last very long time, use LDPE/LLDPE

If your pond is irregular, and involve too many twist, bent, use EPDM/Butyl

If it is large size project, and can not afford EPDM/Butyl, use HDPE and hire
professional lining team to do welding and join.

Nearly missed PVC, it is plastic but as flexible as rubber,
but it is not very strong and usually not considered food safe.
If yo want to use it, choose thickness of 0.75mm at least. 

Enjoy your time with water!

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