Reduce Chemicals in a pool by 80% and Save Power

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Sanitises swimming pools for next to nothing using the solar generated pool cleaner / ioniser.  It is a small device, approx 30 cm round that floats on your pool water with a little solar panel on the top.  On the base of this revolutionary product, is a copper / zinc sacrificial anode that hangs below the water surface.  When the sun strikes the solar panel, the rays are converted to a tiny electrical, low voltage current that slowly dissolves the anode underneath.  This is known as ionisation.  The copper / zinc ions, or atoms are released, scattering throughout the pools water and exerting a deadly effect on microscopic life forms.  This result is yours, free from the sun, saving you a bundle on chemicals and power.  In conjunction with trace chlorine (1-1.5ppm), mineral ions are many times more effective against algae than chlorine alone.  The ions stay in the water and don't evaporate like chlorine does.  1-2 cups of liquid chlorine are needed per week to neutralise bodily pollutants, dirt & other debris. 

No plumbing or electrical installation is required.  Just put Solar Clear in the water and let it work its magic.

One Solar Clear will completely sanitize your pool water up to 144,000 litres.  This system dramatically reduces the cost of pool maintenance.

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