Replacing Holden Commodore Key Buttons in Key Remotes

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This step by step guide to fitting new buttons in your Holden Commodore Key Remote will save you money and give you a much more responsive key. Our silicone after market Key Buttons will also outlast your vehicle.

Holden Commodore Keys (models VR,VS,VT,VX,VY AND VZ) were manufactured using rubber for the buttons, it is well known that rubber deteriorates, becomes brittle and cracks. Replacing worn buttons with after market silicone buttons, (much the same material as used in the teats of baby bottles) is a fast easy solution that any person can do. All without opening the key body!

Follow these simple instructions rather than buying a new key with Rubber Buttons , silicone will last forever and with improved design make your keys so much more responsive.

Firstly, tear out as much of the old rubber as you can then use tweezers or a sharp knife to trim the old rubber back to the plastic body. You will find the electronics are seated deeper in the key body, just be careful that you don't cut into them.

Although the rubber continues underneath inside the key, you don't need to cut it out completely. Just as much rubber as you can see.

Insert the new  Silicone Buttons and check the fit, if a button has not seated properly use a small screwdriver and pry it out to trim more rubber away. You can also push the old rubber down inside the key to assist the seating of the new button.

Once fitted the first thing you will notice is that the key is much more responsive, this is because silicone is more flexible than rubber requiring less force, and the design of the stem in the silicone button is improved to make a positive contact with the electronic buttons inside your key.

Now you have replaced your  Commodore Key Buttons .

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