Selecting the correct Step Down Transformer

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A Step down Transformer is the ideal solution if you have an appliance designed to run on America's 110 volt system but is needed to run on Australia's 240 volt power. 

The transformer converts 240 volts into 110 volts (or 115v & 120v) to allow your US appliance to run in Australia.  Just plug transformer into Aussie power socket & the device into the power outlet of the transformer!  When choosing the right transformer there are 5 questions you need to check first:

1. What is the total watts used by appliances to be connected to the Transformer?

Select your stepdown based on how many watts your device uses*.  E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts so you need 500 watt stepdown transformer. Make sure your device does not exceed the watts of the steodown chosen

2.  Does your appliance have a motor*?

 If a motor is included then add 20% extra to the watts required

3. Does your appliance have a mechanical timing device? If so, how critical is this timing device? 

If a timing device is included the speed of the device may change due to the frequency change, 60Hz to 50Hz enquire
4.  Do you know the Amps of your device? - is so you can calculate the watts required:

Calculated as = Amps x 110v (eg 5 Amps x 110 = 550 watts)
5. Do you wish to use multiple appliances from one stepdown?

Check total watts of all devices this must be less than the VA rating of the stepdown & get a USA Powerboard

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