The Best Mattresses for Side-sleepers

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The Best Mattresses for Side-sleepers

The position in which an individual sleeps is of the utmost importance. Sleeping on one's side, as opposed to on one's back or stomach, has a number of proven medical benefits. Side-sleeping reduces neck and back pain by keeping the spine in an elongated position. Sleeping on one's side reduces heartburn and acid reflux, but sleeping on one's right side makes it worse. Side-sleeping to the left is also beneficial to pregnant women to improve circulation to the heart, which is good for both mum and the baby.

Finally, side-sleeping reduces the likelihood of snoring which may be the difference in saving a relationship. A key contributor to side-sleeping is using the correct mattress. By reviewing the best mattresses for side-sleepers, including the features and benefits of the products, consumers can better select the most appropriate product to suit their sleeping needs.

Factors to Consider in a Side-Sleeper Mattress

If an individual prefers to sleep on their side or whether it is recommended that they sleep that way for medical reasons, selecting the correct mattress to complement this sleeping style is crucial. If the incorrect mattress is chosen, side-sleeping can be more harmful than beneficial.

Mattress Firmness

A crucial characteristic to look for in a side-sleeping mattress is its firmness. When sleeping in the side position, a person's spine rests in its natural position; therefore, a mattress that is too firm does not conform to this position. However, a mattress that is too soft can also cause discomfort because of a lack of support. For those who want a firmer mattress yet one that complements spine position, a mattress with a pillow-top can provide both comfort and conformability.

Mattress Type

Side-sleeping puts the body's weight on hips and shoulders, so the mattress should relieve these pressure points. The correct kind of innerspring mattress can be supportive, but the individual should be wary because often side-sleeping can cause a coil to distort, causing further pressure points. Latex and memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice for this reason. They are specifically designed to support the natural curve of the body, cradling it and distributing weight and pressure evenly across the mattress surface. These mattresses allow the hips and shoulders to rest in a natural position, rather than being pushed up by springs.

The Best Side-Sleeper Mattresses

Knowing what is available to make side sleeping more comfortable ensures that buyers are aware of all their choices. Moreover, a review of the best side-sleeper mattresses significantly helps narrow down the search.

My Side Series 6

The My Side Series 6 is a good option for those sleeping with a partner. The mattress contains a multi-layered quilted surface to create a low pressure surface, reducing pressure points. For extra lumbar support to the spine in its natural sleeping position, the mattress contains a lumbar support band of foam. The inner foam is formed with air channels meaning greater airflow and pressure relief. Because of the individually wrapped coils, a sleeper can move without disturbing their partner. Finally, the solid wood foundation supports the mattress, assisting delivering proper spinal support to keep head, shoulders, hips, and heels aligned.

Tempur Original 20

Tempur mattresses provide an innovative balance between softness and support. NASA designed tempur material to relieve pressure on astronauts during take-off. The Tempur Original 20 has a comfort layer made from Tempur extra-soft material to support the spine. The comfort layer works in conjunction with the support layer, resulting in the best of both worlds. By supporting the sleeper's body where it is needed, it reduces the amount of tossing and turning during sleep; therefore, the sleeper enjoys a higher overall quality of rest. Finally, the velour cover is antimicrobial treated, hypoallergenic, and can be removed for airing and cleaning. This makes it convenient function to keep the mattress both clean and safe from germs.

Sealy Posturepedic Advance Phoenix

The Sealy Posturepedic Advance Phoenix uses a combination of natural wool, deep SuperSoft foam, and high density cushioning. It offers excellent support using SRx Titanium coil technology. The coils sense the user's body weight and adjust accordingly. Because the coils are made from titanium, they are light, strong, and durable; they do not exhibit the usual tendencies of coil mattresses. Also, the mattress uses ComfortCore technology where the centre third of the mattress is made denser to conform and mould to the lower section of the back, where support is needed the most. The UniCase edge support system offers further stability and encases the mattress on all sides, and, like the My Side Series 6, minimizes partner disturbance.

Sleepmaker Royal Gel Latex

The Sleepmaker Royal Gel latex mattress combines high quality latex and the Sleepmaker Gel system to relieve all pressure points. The Sleepmaker Gel system is a diamond shaped gel area used within a column design to reduce pressure when sleeping in the side position. The gel mattress cover is made with a stretch knit fabric that allows maximum movement of gel, yet the quilt layer is not attached with glue or sewn in. This means the gel moves freely under the pressure points for natural and comfortable support. The mattress also adds a pillow top layer for extra sleeper comfort, yet the supportive coil system actively aligns the spine as the user sleeps. The latex adjusts to support the contours of the body; therefore, the mattress combines comfort and support.

Dunlop Viscoflex Mattress Overlay

For those who do not want the expense of purchasing an entire mattress, a Viscoflex mattress topper is a more economic option. Although it does not provide the same level of lumbar support as that of a dedicated side-sleeper mattress, it can provide plenty of spinal support for someone sleeping on their side. Made from Visco-elastic foam, the topper not only reduces pressure points but also provides anti-microbial protection. The mattress toppers are available in King, Queen, and Double, and Single mattress sizes.

Buying a Side-Sleeper Mattress on eBay

To find a side-sleeper mattress on eBay, the user must follow a few basic steps. To begin with, the buyer can enter keywords into the search window. Basic words like "mattress" bring up a general list, but a more specific search can be applied, such as "memory foam mattress". Then, the buyer can research the features of an individual item by clicking on it to reveal a detailed product description, product quality, available payment methods, and delivery options.

Moreover, to investigate a seller, the user can look at their profile page for seller history and customer feedback. Buyers can also communicate with the seller. Moreover, you can find a deal on a mattress by searching in the furniture section of eBay deals.


Side-sleeping has a number of health benefits for an individual, especially for people with neck and back problems, gastric reflux and heartburn, expecting mothers, and of course, snorers. This however does not mean that merely sleeping in the side position can solve all medical problems. In fact, with the wrong mattress, side-sleeping can exacerbate a problem, instead of assisting it.

A mattress that is soft, yet firm supports the spine in its natural curved position. Latex and memory foam mattresses are excellent options. Coil mattresses can be problematic by causing pressure points; however, the correct coil mattress combined with foam can be equally as supportive. If an individual would prefer not to purchase a new mattress, a foam overlay can significantly improve side-sleeping comfort and support. The consumer can find and purchase the appropriate mattress on eBay when taking these considerations in mind.

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