What are Apple Refurbished iPod's and Mac's?

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There are so many eBayer's selling Refurbished iPod's and Mac's these days. I thought I would write a guide to inform the buyer's of the eBay community, many who don't really know.
This info was taken from a recent iPod listing of mine:

"Apple Certified iPod's have been returned to apple usually due to technical problems. Apple Certfied Technicians have replaced the problem parts with new genuine apple parts. All parts have been checked, cleaned and fully tested and is basically a brand new item.
Refurbished iPod's go through the same testing and resell process, just as all new iPod's do.
They look and feel just like brand new iPod's do.
Backed up with a one-year apple warranty.
Save your self alot of money and buy an Apple Certified Refurbished iPod.
All Accesories are also brand new"
The same information applies to Macs. Note to Sellers: Please be respectful and not copy this info in your listing.

So like said in this listing. Apple refurb's are products sent in by the consumer that had minor problems, a few examples like the iPod just wouldnt turn on, or the click wheel wouldn't click, the play/pause didn't work etc. The iPod is sent into their local apple store, and then fixed by a apple technician with new apple genuine parts neccesary to get it working again. The case is usually replaced with a new one, without scratches or marks. It then goes through a strict testing procedure so it is ready to go back on the market again. It get's cleaned (dust, dirt etc), tested to see if everything is working and sent off to be re-sold again. The iPod's usually never have any problems, I first bought a refurbished iPod nano three years ago, and I havent had any problems with it so far. All refurbished iPod's should come with a 12-month apple warranty (unless stated otherwise), to make claims you must ask the buyer for the invoice. The earphones, dock adaptor and all other accesories are all new and are sealed with plastic film (unless stated otherwise). Refurbished iPod's are cheap and reliable. I see no reason not to by one.  Refurbished iPod's are packaged in non retail packaging.

So I hope this help's people out, with their decision to buy a refurb iPod. I also sell refurb iPod's, so if you need one, buy one from me!
If anyone has anymore question's about refurbished iPod's, don't hesitate to ask. customerservice@ kickitdeals.com

Also one more thing, always read the listings carefully when looking for one, alot of listing's sometimes have "NEW" in their listing's, and factory sealed etc. This may confuse buyer's into buying an brand new iPod, but just remember if it has tag's like refurbished, reconditioned, certified I assure you that you are buying a refurbished product.
Note: Please don't copy this guide.

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