What is the maximum upload photo size for eBay?

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45. What is the maximum upload photo size for eBay?

The maximum upload size for photos on eBay will depend on the configuration of your computer or laptop. Different system requirements are compatible with the various photo uploaders available on eBay. The following is a list of eBay uploaders, with their maximum photo size limits:

- The Basic Uploader is the default setting for all new registrations on eBay, whose computer has lower than Flash 9 installed on their computer. It works on Mac and Windows and most web browsers such as IE, Safari, Firefox etc. If using this type of uploader for eBay photos, the maximum file size for each picture cannot be more than 7 MB.
- The Standard Photo uploader is available to those eBay users who have software higher than Flash Player 9 on their systems. Browsers are same as in the basic uploader. The maximum file size of each photo is 7 MB here too. However, unlike the basic uploader, multiple photos can be selected with this type. Also, if your system supports Flash player 10 and above, you can also edit your photos before uploading them on eBay. The basic uploader does not provide you with this option.
- The Self Hosting allows users to link to various photos which may be hosted on their own web servers. However, the maximum size limit for each picture in this case is quite low at 50 – 100 KB for each photo.

The maximum upload size for the Copy Web Files uploader too is set at 7 MB per photo.