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eBay Victoria Australia customers can view the Largest Range of Australia made Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief Products

Our Magnetic  Experience eBay store has the largest range of magnetic therapy pain relief products.
With 40 years combined experience we have a wealth of experience to share when it comes to magnetic therapy pain relief solutions. So don't hesitate to contact us for a solution that suits you.

In the year 2003 Our Company was responsible for selling Magnetic Therapy Products Australia wide. We had 50 staff who would set up a magnetic therapy display in you local shopping Centre. I personally worked the eastern coast from Cairns to Melbourne, some of you may even remember me.

Cameron at Emerald Field Days

To my wife Jannese and I have scaled down our large operation to a family business where we make and sell the products ourselves through the company Magnetic Experience.  Jannese actually made her first magnetic product in 1974. We provide you with quality Australian Made Products and after sales service as only the owner/operators can do. Many of our competitors have their products made in countries that use both cheap labour and materials. We could take that same easy route but prefer to be Australian made where possible.

Sleep easy on our Australian made magnetic underlay

View our extensive range of magnetic therapy pain relief products

eBay Victoria Australia customers can take advantage of our Australian Magnetic Therapy Range
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